Country Songs, Part 2

Songs that didn't make it into the first Country book (30 so far)

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Timor Leste S
Chin Chin Chin Bhai Ar Bon Mor T
The Great Wall of China
Deshe Deshe Ghure Berai Premer Bati
Mount Fuji
Oslo S
New Delhi S
Nami Gujarat S T
Siberia, Siberia, Siberia, Siberia
He Brahmadesh S T
Guatemala (1) S T
Guatemala! Your Flower-Pure Life S
Amarata Deshe Esechi S T
O Land of the Charming Lambs S
Cambodia.. Taba Hiyalaye Esechi Ajike
Because You Are Thoughtful (1)
Minneapolis—St. Paul S
Canada, Canada
America! Great You Are (1) S
America! Great You Are (3) S
Iceland S
Slovakia (2) S T
Czech Republic (2) S T
Canada, Greatness-Mind You Are
Hawaii (1) S
Canada Is S
Brazil, the Supreme Lord’s Wonder-Thrill S
Paraguay S
Chandannagore S
I Bow to Thee, Bangla, Bangla Bangladesh S
Bande Bangla Bande Bangla Bande Bangladesh S T
Australia Hriday Khuliya Duliya Duliya S T
Africa Supti Bihina Dipti Nabina
Cape Town
Durban S T
Harare... Bishal Bishwa Oikya Pujari Urdhe
Melbourne S
Seattle (2)
Malta, Humanity’s Fondness-Nest S
America, Within, Without Eureka! S
My Scotland S
Ma Chattragram Masima Burma Punar S
I Am Going to My Sweet Switzerland
Slovenia: Nature-Beauty’s Utopia S
Mongolia (1) T
Unity and Justice and Freedom S
New Zealand S
The Gambia
Banjul Banjul Banjul Gambiar Shobanar (1)
Banjul Banjul Banjul Gambiar Shobanar (2) S
O Sons and Daughters of Africa S
Shakpura Shakpura Purba Shakpura Gram (2) S
Turkey S
Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Bulgaria! S
Bulgaria Joins the European Union-Song
Good Morning, Mongolia S

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