He Brahmadesh

Composed on Dec. 27th, 1994


He Brahmadesh he Brahmadesh he Brahmadesh Brahmadesh
Toma lagi Buddha deber kripa ki animesh
Pabita nayan pabita sadhan
Pabita swapan pabita jiban
Pabita pabita pabita pabita
Tomar hiyar mukti akashe satya dishari savita


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O Myanmar, O Myanmar, O Myanmar, Myanmar!
For you, sleepless is Lord Buddha’s Compassion-Eye.
O Myanmar, purity-flooded are your eyes,
Your spirituality-heart-cries
And your dream-life-blossoms.
From your heart’s liberation-sky
The Sun of Truth Transcendental
Beckons the entire humanity.

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