Nami Gujarat

Composed on Feb. 28th, 2000


Nami Gujarat Nami Gujarat Nami Nami Gujarat
Shantir bani hriday gabhire dibarati karo path
Bharat janak bapu Mahatma tomar sreshta dan
Bir Siromani Ballabhai birattwa aphuran
Prachurjya dhan karo bitaran deb debi puja lagi
Param prabhur tripti fuara toma majhe achhe jagi


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Gujarat, I bow to you, I bow to you, I bow and bow.
In the inmost recesses of your heart, day and night you study the message of universal peace.
Mahatma, the Father of India, Is your unparalleled gift to the Indian nation.
Vallabhai ' power infinite, hero supreme of Indian firmament, is your own, very own.
For the worship of Indian Gods and Goddesses you prayerfully offer boundless wealth all-where.
The satisfaction-fountain of the Absolute Lord Supreme in you sleeplessly remains awake.

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