Jesus the Seeker, Christ the Saviour

75 songs, published on 1990-12-25

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone 1 S
I Will Make You Fishers of Men 2 S
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart 3 S
Blessed Are the Peacemakers 4 S
My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? 5 S
Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done 6 S
He That Is Not with Me Is Against Me (1) 7 S
Father, Forgive Them (1) 8 S
What Shall It Profit a Man? 9 S
Let Not Thy Left Hand Know 10 S
He That Endureth to the End 11 S
The Kingdom of Heaven 12 S
I and My Father Are One 13 S
I Am Alpha and Omega 14 S A
There Is No Fear in Love 15 S
He Shall Rule Them 16 S
Charity Shall Cover 17 S
The Love of Money 18 S
God Is No Respecter of Persons 19 S
Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen 20 S
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan! 21 S
Father, Forgive Them (2) 22 S
He That Is Not With Me Is Against Me (2) 23 S
A Prophet Is Not Without Honour 24 S
No Man Can Serve Two Masters 25 S
Where There Is No Vision 26 S
Dust Thou Art 27 S
Thou Shalt Have 28 S
Thou Shalt Not 29 S
My Redeemer Liveth 30 S
A Still, Small Voice 31 S
Into Thy Hands 32 S
I Am That I Am 33 S
Ar Katokal Kandbo Mago 34 S T A
Baro Anurage Daki Toma Pita Kemane 35 S
Dharar Buke Esechhilam Eka 36 S T
Janamila Debashishu Jishu Dharatale 37 S T
Jishu Jishu Baroi Madhur Nam Ti Tomar 38 S
Jishu Tumi Dyuloker Shishu 39 S T
Ami Shishu Ami Shishu 40 S T
Jishu Jishu Nam 41 S T C
Jishu Kristo Jishu Kristo 42 S T
Ogo Debashishu Meri Kole Jishu Kiba 43 S
I Am a Child, an Eternal Child 44 S
Jishur Swapna Sarga Rajya 45 S T C
Kalipada Sarala Abhinna Suphala Nimner 46 S
Karuna Mayer Jyotir Dulal Tumi Je Dharar 47 S
Khama Karo Pita Agyan Jane 48 S T
Kross Bedanai Pran Jai 49 S T
Mukher Katha Jaina Prabhur Kane 50 S T
Ogo Debashishu 51 S T
Pale Pale Prema Bale Pale Pale Kripa Bale 52 S
Param Pitare Hasiya Kandiya Basiyacho 53 S
Prabhu Jishu Chira Mahiyan 54 S T
Sabai Amai Pagol Dake 55 S T
Samarpaner Sangit Sur 56 S
Sonali Baran Madhur Nayan Chapal 57 S
Teman Kare Kand Dekhire Man Je Bhabe 58 S
He Promised to Return 59 S
O Saviour Dear 60 S
I Like Joseph’s Son 61 S
Father Joseph’s Little Son 62 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Bedanar 63 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Manabe 64 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Dharar 65 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Asha 66 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Na Chahi 67 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Ami Je 68 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Dhara 69 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Tomar 70 S
He Param Pita Tomar Swapan Amare 71 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Tumi Ar Ami 72 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Swarga 73 S
He Param Pita He Param Pita Tumi Je 74 S
O He Param Pita He Param Pita Bhuliya 75 S

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