Janamila Debashishu Jishu Dharatale

Composed on Apr. 27th, 1976


Janamila debashishu Jishu dharatale
Debaloke jaya giti gahe dale dale
Meri mata ankhi bhase kritagyata jale
Andhiyar guha bhabe lakka mani jwale
Dharma niti aripriti
Jishu mahaprem bhati
Dharanite prasphutibe alo phule phale


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Christ takes human incarnation.
Countless souls sing his victory-song.
Mother Mary’s eyes are flooded with gratitude-pride.This world of darkness-cave
Enjoys the aspiration of diamond-light.
We are all friends. We see no foe,
For Jesus is a flame of the Light Supreme.
The Lord Supreme is smiling
Inside the flower and fruit-garden
     Of humanity.

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