My Appreciation for Proverbs from China, Russia and Japan (quotes)

Proverbs From China, Russia and Japan (quotes) in English*, published on 2000-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Have God and Have All 1 S
Hell Is Always Open 2 S
Necessity Has No Holiday 3 S
The Longest Day 4 S
Where There Is Peace 5 S
In China 6 S
Good Americans, When They Die 7 S
Much Science, Much Sorrow 8 S
Life Is Short 9 S
Life Is a Pilgrimage 10 S
Music Is the Food of Love 11 S
He Teaches Skill, Who Teaches All 12 S
Do as I Say 13 S
Control Barbarians with Barbarians 14 S
There Is Blessedness in Adversity 15 S
A Living Body Is a Dying Body 16 S
Curses Come Back 17 S
Day Has Its Eyes 18 S
Carelessness Is a Great Enemy 19 S
Cheerfulness 20 S
Bring Up Your Beloved Child 21 S
He Who Departs Is Forgotten 22 S
To Die Is Easy 23 S
A Woman’s Whole-Hearted Desire 24 S
Serious Disasters 25 S
If You Know the Disease 26 S
A Barking Dog is Weak 27 S
The Quick Eater 28 S
An Idiot’s Eloquence 29 S
If the End Is Good 30 S
Even Though You Become the Enemy 31 S
Repay Your Enemy 32 S
Fate Assists the Courageous 33 S
The Flow of Water 34 S
A Frog in the Well Knows Not 35 S
Without Bending 36 S
Test a Horse By Riding Him 37 S
Illness Starts with the Mouth 38 S
When You Are Busy 39 S
Who Owns the Bank 40 S
The Bear Dances 41 S
The Beauty of a Loan 42 S
Better to Be Born Happy 43 S
The Boss Is Always Right 44 S
Better Bread with Water 45 S
Bread and Salt Never Quarrel 46 S
It Is the Bread That Keeps One Warm 47 S
Love Your Children with Your Heart 48 S
The Cure for Old Age 49 S
Every Day Is a Messenger 50 S
Death Is a Brother 51 S
Good Deeds Travel Far 52 S
Desire Is Stronger 53 S
If You Have Desire, You Must Also Have 54 S
The Dog Is a Lion 55 S
If You Drink, You Die 56 S
Ears Do Not Grow Higher 57 S
Nowhere in the World 58 S
What the Eyes Do Not See 59 S
Failure Teaches You 60 S
Faith Can Move Mountains 61 S
Fear Has Large Eyes 62 S
Flies and Priests Can Enter Any House 63 S
A Friend is Recognised 64 S
He Who Is Everybody’s Friend 65 S
One Old Friend 66 S
It Is Not the Gift Which Is Precious 67 S
God Goes to Him Who Comes to Him 68 S
God Wanted to Chastise Mankind 69 S
God Will Cook the Soup 70 S
Praise God and Love Men 71 S
Pray to God, But Continue to Row 72 S
Rely on God 73 S
You Cannot Deceive God 74 S
Religion Has Two Children 75 S
Every Rouble Bears a Sin 76 S
No Sin, No Salvation 77 S
The More You Sleep 78 S
He Is Not a Thief Who Has Stolen 79 S
When the Tsar Has a Cold 80 S
Bend the Tree 81 S
Mock Not the Fallen 82 S
Gossip Needs No Carriage 83 S
Heaven Has Many Cracks 84 S
Ignorance Does Not Commit Sins 85 S
If You Are Afraid of Bad Luck 86 S
Marriage Is the Tomb of Love 87 S
Money Goes Where Money Is 88 S
When Money Speaks 89 S
Love Your Neighbour 90 S
Onion and Garlic 91 S
People’s Opinion 92 S
The Ploughman Has No Time 93 S

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