My Appreciation for Proverbs from China, Russia and Japan (quotes)

Proverbs From China, Russia and Japan (quotes) in English*, published on 2000-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Control Barbarians with Barbarians 14
There Is Blessedness in Adversity 15
A Living Body Is a Dying Body 16
Curses Come Back 17
Day Has Its Eyes 18
Carelessness Is a Great Enemy 19
Cheerfulness 20
Bring Up Your Beloved Child 21
He Who Departs Is Forgotten 22
To Die Is Easy 23
A Woman’s Whole-Hearted Desire 24
Serious Disasters 25
If You Know the Disease 26
A Barking Dog is Weak 27
The Quick Eater 28
An Idiot’s Eloquence 29
If the End Is Good 30
Even Though You Become the Enemy 31
Repay Your Enemy 32
Fate Assists the Courageous 33
The Flow of Water 34
A Frog in the Well Knows Not 35
Without Bending 36
Test a Horse By Riding Him 37
Illness Starts with the Mouth 38
When You Are Busy 39
Who Owns the Bank 40
The Bear Dances 41
The Beauty of a Loan 42
Better to Be Born Happy 43
The Boss Is Always Right 44
Better Bread with Water 45
Bread and Salt Never Quarrel 46
It Is the Bread That Keeps One Warm 47
Love Your Children with Your Heart 48
The Cure for Old Age 49
Every Day Is a Messenger 50
Death Is a Brother 51
Good Deeds Travel Far 52
Desire Is Stronger 53
If You Have Desire, You Must Also Have 54
The Dog Is a Lion 55
If You Drink, You Die 56
Ears Do Not Grow Higher 57
Nowhere in the World 58
What the Eyes Do Not See 59
Failure Teaches You 60
Faith Can Move Mountains 61
Fear Has Large Eyes 62
Flies and Priests Can Enter Any House 63
A Friend is Recognised 64
He Who Is Everybody’s Friend 65
One Old Friend 66
It Is Not the Gift Which Is Precious 67
God Goes to Him Who Comes to Him 68
God Wanted to Chastise Mankind 69
God Will Cook the Soup 70
Praise God and Love Men 71
Pray to God, But Continue to Row 72
Rely on God 73
You Cannot Deceive God 74
Religion Has Two Children 75
Every Rouble Bears a Sin 76
No Sin, No Salvation 77
The More You Sleep 78
He Is Not a Thief Who Has Stolen 79
When the Tsar Has a Cold 80
Bend the Tree 81
Mock Not the Fallen 82
Gossip Needs No Carriage 83
Heaven Has Many Cracks 84
Ignorance Does Not Commit Sins 85
If You Are Afraid of Bad Luck 86
Marriage Is the Tomb of Love 87
Money Goes Where Money Is 88
When Money Speaks 89
Love Your Neighbour 90
Onion and Garlic 91
People’s Opinion 92
The Ploughman Has No Time 93
Have God and Have All 1
Hell Is Always Open 2
Necessity Has No Holiday 3
The Longest Day 4
Where There Is Peace 5
In China 6
Good Americans, When They Die 7
Much Science, Much Sorrow 8
Life Is Short 9
Life Is a Pilgrimage 10
Music Is the Food of Love 11
He Teaches Skill, Who Teaches All 12
Do as I Say 13

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