Tomar Haste Ananda Har

Composed on Apr. 27th, 1976


Tomar haste ananda har
Amar bakke bedanar bhar
Sahasa kahile eso go badal kari
Ki balibo hai lajai jai mori
Tumi dile more ananda har
Ashar gagan karuna apar
Bedana amar gopane rakhinu
Chahi kariya tomare ban dhinu
Tumi je lupti dharar sabai


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Your Hand holds the garland of delight
And my hand holds the heavy weight of suffering.
All of a sudden You say,
“Let us exchange our possessions.”Alas, what can I do?
I bury my head in sheer embarrassment.
What I have is hope,
And what You have is Compassion.
I do hope one day we shall fulfil each other
By becoming a oneness-heart.

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