Tomai Prabhu Dekhte Elam

Composed on Apr. 27th, 1976


Tomai prabhu dekhte elam
Anek diner pare
Tomai chhere chilam ami
Dure deshantare
Shunbo shudhu tomar bani
Dekhbo shudhu mukhti khani
Tomai chhere jabona ar
Kabhu deshantare
Nitya puja karbo tomar
Prafulla antare


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

My Lord, I have come to see You
After a long time.
I have been away,
Far away from You.
Now that I am back
I shall listen to You only.
I take a solemn oath.
I shall not go anywhere without You.
I shall worship Your Silence.
I shall worship, watch, appreciate, admire
   And adore Your Face.
I shall worship You always,
Your cheerful Heart.

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