The Heart-Home of the Immortals

86 English songs, many quotes by famous people., published on 1979-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Gratitude Is the Sign of Noble Souls 1 S
I Looked for My Soul 2 S
O God, If There Be a God 3 S
God Loves All Men 4 S
What Does Farewell Mean? 5 S
Tyger! Tyger! 6 S
A Truth That Is Told with Bad Intent 7 S
I Don’t Want to Be Quoted 8 S
Give Me a Spark Of Nature’s Fire 9 S
God Is Love, I Dare Say 10 S
The Mountains Look on Marathon 11 S
Veni, Vidi, Vici 12 S
Don’t Walk in Front of Me 13 S
I Don’t Know of a More Exciting Athlete 14 S
I Have Nothing to Offer (1) 15 S
Alone, Alone, All, All Alone 16 S
Swans Sing Before They Die 17 S
Every Day, In Every Way 18 S
Because I Could Not Stop for Death 19 S
My Life Closed Twice 20 S
The Soul Selects Her Own Society 21 S
I Never Spoke with God 22 S
The Only News I Know 23 S
If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking 24 S
The Heaven Below 25 S
The Softer You Sing 26 S
I Am Not Only a Pacifist 27 S
I Was Born 28 S
The Best Work Is Done Not By Rules 29 S
I Never Think of the Future 30 S
The League of Nations 31 S
Nothing I Can Do or Say 32 S
Perfection of Means 33 S
Real Human Progress 34 S
Make a Peace 35 S
I Am Always Working on Something New 36 S
God Is a Scientist, Not a Magician 37 S
I Believe in a God 38 S
Try Not to Become 39 S
Don’t Complain 40 S
The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep (1) 41 S
In Three Words 42 S
There Is More to Life (1) 43 S
France Cannot Be France 44 S
Thin People Are Beautiful 45 S
Divide and Rule 46 S
Tomorrow Is Just a Fiction 47 S
A Friendless Man 48 S
Free at Last 49 S
Religion Is in the Heart 50 S
We Did Not Choose 51 S
True Happiness 52 S
A Thing of Beauty 53 S
Heard Melodies Are Sweet 54 S
Man Seeks Freedom 55 S
To Life There Is No Death 56 S
The More You Depend upon God 57 S
God Is God and Man Is Man 58 S
Death Is a Tax 59 S
The First and Last Lesson of Love 60 S
An Ideal Is Beyond Explanation 61 S
Two Men Look Out 62 S
The Better Part of One’s Life 63 S
I Am Going Your Way 64 S
I Teach You the Superman 65 S
Through Obedience 66 S
True Friendship Between Two People 67 S
I Am Self-Employed 68 S
If You Want To Get Along 69 S
Co-existence 70 S
To-morrow and To-morrow 71 S
If I Am Sophocles, I Am Not Mad 72 S
Half a League 73 S
Love Conquers All 74 S
I Disapprove of What You Say 75 S
It Is Chance That Makes Brothers 76 S
The Music in My Heart I Bore 77 S
Fountain-Art, No Chain (2) 78 S
Thakurer Pran 79 S T
One Hundred Indian Stories 80 S
Albert Einstein, Scientist-Sage! 81 S
Scientist Einstein 82 S
Albert Einstein 83 S
New York, the Empire State 85 S
Doctor, Doctor 86 S

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