Thakurer Pran

Composed on Jan. 4th, 1979


Thakurer pran thakurer dhan
Thakurer jaya gan
Vivekananda trilokananda
Shoirjyer tuphan
Jagale Bharate jagale manabe
Phutale bishwa rup
Vir sannyasi dharar hiyai
Atmahutir dhup

[Dedicated to Swami Vivekananda]


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O Swami Vivekananda!
Sri Ramakrishna’s life-breath!
Sri Ramakrishna’s supreme gift to mankind!
Sri Ramakrishna’s victory-song all-where!
The victory-world’s delight you were.
Lo, the cyclone-valour of the Absolute.
You awakened your slumbering India,
You awakened humanity’s sleep.
In you blossomed the Form Universal.
O hero-warrior sannyasi,
In the core of the creation sleeplessly shall burn
The incense of your self-offering.

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