Self-Transcendence Race-Prayer Songs

A collection of songs composed at Self-Transcendence Races

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
With the Beauty of My Outer Running 1 S
The Outer Run Inspires Me 2 S
To Love Running 3 S
My Lord, I Have Won 4 S
My Inner Hunger Cries 5 S
The Pride of the Earthly Race 6 S
Love the World (2) 7 S
Surrender, Surrender, Surrender! 8 S
I Pray and Pray and Pray 9 S
I Love My Lord, I Love My Lord! 10 S
Devotion 11 S
I Do Not Want My God-Hunger 12 S
My Lord, I Have Seen 13 S
Expectation Is Frustration-Poison-Drinking 14 S
My Morning Running Prayer 15 S
My Heart Is My Master’s Home 16 S
Smiling, the Breath of the New Year 17 S
Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave! 18 S
Today My Lord’s Compassion-Victory 19 S
Those Who Love God Happily 20 S
My Outer Running 21 S
My Body Unconsciously Loves 22 S
For God-Realisation 23 S
My Lord, My Lord, My Lord! 24 S
Learn More Truth 25 S
I Give My Money-Power to God 26 S
The Mind Thinks God Is Unapproachable 27 S
Who Is My Hero? 28 S
I Am Proud of Myself 29 S
I Fly to Please My Soul 30 S
Give Me No Freedom 31 S
Love God, Serve God 32 S
My Soul Is Sailing 33 S
I Place My Earthly Thoughts 34 S
Today I Shall Break Open 35 S
When the Morning Begins 36 S
I Tried to Become Great 37 S
My Lord Says to Me 38 S
My Supreme.... I Love You 39 S
My Lord... I Am Happy 40 S
I Think of You, God 41 S
My Lord... Never, Never Take a Leave of Absence 42 S
Sorrow, Sorrow 43 S
Hope, Hope, My Hope 44 S
Life and Death 45 S
My Outer Journey Cries and Smiles 46 S
Every Day I Feed 47 S
God the Flute-Heart I Love 48 S
I Race, I Race 49 S
Do Not Give Up Hope 50 S
Peace I Need 51 S
Every Morning My Devotion-Heart 52 S
Every Morn and Every Eve 53 S
Let Me Be Good 54 S
No More My Life Will Walk Along 55 S
My God-Gratitude-Heart 56 S T
My Lord, My Lord! In Your Compassion-Flooded Eye 57 S
No More Self-Indulgence 58 S
Every Kneeling Prayer 59 S
I Admire God the Dreamer 60 S
Morning Is the Best Time 61 S
The Tears of My Heart (3) 62 S
O My Blue-Gold Heart-Bird 63 S
I Love My Lord’s Whisper-Blessings 64 S
Heaven’s Silence-Music 65 S
In My Aspiration-Life 66 S
Only One Attachment 67 S
My Lord, I Run and Run and Run 68 S
The Outer Rain 69 S
I Am the World’s Longest Distance Daring and Shattering Runner 70 S
My Tears and Smiles 71 S T
I Am Happy, Only Happy 72 S
Everything Is Possible 73 S
The Life That Has No Goal 74 S
We Love Our Desire-Life 75 S
I Speak to God’s Golden Feet 76 S
A Pure Thought 77 S
I Pray to God’s Eye for Love 78 S
First You Must Bask 79 S
I Pray to God to See His Golden Feet 80 S
The Outer Sun Sadly Tells Me 81 S
God’s Face I Love 82 S
True, True, True, My Eyes Are Empty 83 S
In My Inner Life 84 S
I Chose God-Obedience 85 S
Fast, Faster, Fastest Go Alone 86 S
Each God-Given Responsibility-Task 87 S
I Love the Blossoming Beauty 88 S
Every Morning Is the Birth 89 S
I Sing for God Soulfully 90 S
No Lasting Defeat, No Lasting Failure! 91 S
I Must Make My Heart 92 S
May I Be a Morning Ascending Wave of Bliss 93 S
Every Day I Ply My Life-Boat 94 S
My Lord Supreme, No More Will You Suffer 95 S

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