Saral Parane Gahibar Ajo

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Saral parane gahibar ajo
    Kato gan ache baki
Antar gane pujibo tomai
    Nahi diye kabhu phanki
Bishwa bijayi ami hate pari
    Tumi jadi hao tushta
Anrita srote nahi jena bhasi
    Tomare karite rushta


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

With a sincere heart
I have many more songs to sing.
With my heart’s song I shall adore YouWithout deceiving You any more.
I can become the world-conqueror
    if I ever satisfy You.
May I not float anymore in the current
    of falsehood
To cause displeasure and anger in You.

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