President Gorbachev: The Home of Oneness-Peace-Dream-World Songbook

50 songs about the Gorbachevs (8 quotes), published on 2001-10-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
President Mikhail Gorbachev 1 S
President Gorbachev, Pilot Supreme of the Soviet Union 3 S
Priyatama Rastrapati Dharanir Hiya Sudha 4 S
O Peace Nobel Laureate, Gorbachev 5 S
Man of the Century 6 S
President Gorbachev, President 8 S
Gorbachever Bijayer Gan Gahe Jena Sada 9 S
Mikhail Gorbachev, Mikhail 10 S
Bhitar Jagate Asha Bahir Jagate Bhasha 11 S
Comrades Betrayed You 12 S
Your Confidence-Light 13 S
Union-Cry 14 S
Self-Examination 15 S
Gorbachev Is Liberated 16 S
President Gorbachev - Mother Earth's Proudest Achievement 17 S
We Can Either Climb Together 18 S
Act According to the Truth 19 S
We Have Cast Off Many Fetters 20 S
Man Is Beginning to Explore the Galaxy 21 S
The Russians Deserve a Better Life 22 S
First in Inspiration-Light to the President 25 S
Not in Front, Not Behind 26 S
My Soviet Sisters 27 S
I Hope 28 S
The Test of Real Life 29 S
Things I Take to Heart 30 S
Irina Gorbachev (2) 31 S
Irina Gorbachev (1) 32 S T
The Gorbachev Foundation 33 S
Oneness-Dream-Boat-Shore 34 S
Soviet Union 35 S
U.S.S.R. 36 S
Russia 37 S
Russia Bharat Bharat Russia 38 S T
Russia Uthecho Jagiya Timir Nashiya 39 S T
Ami Russian 40 S T
Comrades, Dharo Hath 41 S T
I Am Russian, I Am American, I Am Indian 42 S
Kandiya Hasiya Turiya Lagiya 43 S T
Moscow 44 S
East Germany, No More! 45 S
No More the Berlin Wall 46 S
Long Twenty-Eight Years 47 S
Behold, Nowhere Barrier 48 S
Gan Geye Ekatar Hat Dhare Sabakar 49 S T
One Life Became Two Lives 50 S

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