Comrades, Dharo Hath

Composed on Nov. 3rd, 1990


Comrades, dharo hath dharo hath
Amader ek hiya ek nath
Comrades, ekatar suprabhat
Paramer pada tale pranipat
Comrades, duniyar ghare ghare
Khunje pabo prithibhara antare
[Dedicated to President Mikhail Gorbachev]


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Comrades, join hands, join hands.
One heart, one Lord have we.
Comrades, our oneness-dawn is blossoming.
Let us place our heads at the Feet of our
    Lord Beloved Supreme.
Comrades, in humanity’s each and every homeWe shall discover the Heart Universal,
   Flooded with love.

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