Paradise is Where I Bend My Knees

160 English songs from the 1990’s, published on 2008-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Am a Peace-Collecting Pilgrim-Soul (1) 0
I Am Flying and Flying (1) 0
I Am Flying and Flying (2) 0
God Tells Me 2
God Tells Me That He Is Giving Me 3
A Rising Sun 4 S
Your Mind 5
Each Divine Thought 6
My Aspiration-Heart-Room 7
Each Aspiring Moment 8 S
Before Leaving 9
My Soul Tells Me 10 S
Insolent Disobedience 11
Pride Says to God 12
When You Give an Inch 13 S
Prayers and Meditations 14
Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees 1 S
How Can I Be Perfect? 25 S
O Light of Asia (1) 45
Fifty Telephone Numbers by Heart 0 S
Each Time I Lose a Pound 0
The Caged Bird 0 S
I Go Out to Get What I Want 18 S
When I Go Out, I Am Nowhere 19 S
The Carpenter’s Human Son 20
I Go Out to See the Face of God (1) 21 S
I Go Out to Buy the World 22 S
Columbus Went Out 23 S
When I Go Out 24
Who Is My Best Friend, Who? 2 S
Smile, My Soul, Smile 5 S
With Every Breath of My Heart 8
My Thought Human Cries 1 S
When I Go Out, My Mind Provokes 2
Compassion Is God in Action 3 S
Humility’s Real Name 4
The Human in Me Knows No Future 5 S
My Lord Gave Me His Beauty’s Eye 6 S
My Mind-Train 7 S
My Hands Are Made By My Mind 8 S
My Home Is My School 9 S
Man Gives Me Scars 10 S
In the Morning I Am Thirsty 11
Happiness-Circle-Flames 12
Smile, My Heart, Smile 13
God Is Fond of Me 14 S
My Age Is My Childhood 15 S
My Heart and I Are So Excited 16 S
Deep I Dive 17 S
My Aspiration-Heart’s Peace-Sun 1
Goodness Is Peace-Drip 2
The Eye of Peace Is Microscopic 3 S
Peace Is in God-Quest 4 S
Peace I Did Not Find 5
Occult Wildfire 6
God’s Eye Frightens Me 7
My Mind’s Happiness-Sun 8
No Peace in My Mind’s God-Emptiness 9 S
My Peace-Empty Mind 10
My Peace 11
Sail My Heartbeat, Sail 1 S
Every Soul Is a God-Right-Hand-Man 2 S
My Newness-Mind-Tears 3
Away My Beloved Flies 4 S A
My Mind Complains 5
Mine Is a Birthless and Deathless Dream 6
Whom I Seek 7 S
Oh, What I Have and What I Am 8 S
Paradise 9
My Dear Lord 10
To Be a Chosen Child 11 S
My Poetry Tells Me 12 S
My Mind, My Mind, No More Roam 12
Fat Is No Good 0 S
New Year’s Message for (2) 13
I Am Your Slave 0
I Am an Orphan 0
O, in the Year Nine Nine Nine Nine 0
New Year’s Message for (3) 0
My Success-Life Painfully Dies 0 S
How Can I Ever Become Perfect? 2
My Supreme Lord’s Nectar-Flooded Face 3
I Came to Be a Climbing Flame 4
Mountain-High Aspiration 5
I Do Not Have to Know 6 S
No Doom 7
Within, Without, Nectar-Delight 8
Fulfil My Blue-Gold Dreams 9 S
Swim, Swim Once More 10 S
My Heart Is My Only Spokesman 11 S
Helpless, Hopeless, Homeless 12 S
I Am My Heart’s Gratitude 13
My Master Supreme 14 S
I Serve My Master Lord 15 S
Do Not Blame God 16
My Smiles Are My Mind-Purifiers 17 S
O Seeker, Be Not Blind 18 S
O Seeker, Never Be a Fool 19 S
O Seeker, Be Not Proud 20 S
O Seeker 21 S
Love, Service and Surrender-Thrill 22 S
No, Not for Name 23
I Know Not How to Smile 24
Tell the Truth 25 S
I Must Love Only a God-Hero 26 S
To Welcome My Sweet Supreme’s Feet 27 S
Volunteer Before You Are Drafted 28 S
I Surprise God 29
Without Ego-Effacement 30 S
Without Pride-Annihilation 31 S
Life Is Not Meant for the World Dispute 32
The Mind’s Supremacy 33
My Human Life and Death 34 S
Day By Day 35
The Blackboard of My Past 36 S
No More I Am Held Hostage 37
Finally, I Have Shut Down 38 S
My Heart Is Quick to Cry and Fly 39 S
My Life-Chimes 40
My Lord, My Lord, How Do I Dare? 41 S
O, Never Miss 42
As Wind and Water Fly and Flow 43
God Loves My Hide-And-Seek Tears 44 S
A New Life 45 S
My Lord Commands 46
My Lord’s Dance-Steps 47
My Prayer-Life Tells Me 0 S
When I Pray, My Lord Gives Me a Mind 0
My Searching Mind 1 S
Today My Crying Heart Shall Love God Only 2 S
Today My Smiling Life Shall Serve God 3
Today I Shall Become 4 S
Today I Shall Increase My God-Hunger 5 S
Today I Shall Concentrate 6 S
O Heaven, Be Not Cruel to Me 0 S
As Critics Are Ready-Made 0 S
Alas, I Can Clearly See 0 S
To My Extreme Joy 0 S
Enter We Must 0 S
New Year’s Message for (4) 0
My Lord, Give Me Not Your Compromise-Poison 0 S
My Future 0
God’s Chosen Children Came to Teach 0
My Heart’s Oneness-Fulness-Ring 0
O, Here I Come and There I Go 0
India’s Peace-Service-Tree 0
If I Love You Just Because You Love Me 26
I Pray, I Pray 0
I Love You, My Lord 0 S
A God-Victory-Song 7 S
Today I Must Conquer All My Enemies 8
Today God Has Decided to Hear from Me 9 S
Today I Am Seeing God and Peace 10
Today God Has Blessingfully Promised 11 S
Two God-Amusement-Rivals 0 S
A Friend of the Big Shots 0
All Great Men 0 S
Ganapati, Madal, Chinmoy 0
Aspiration-Comrade-Souls 0
No Friendship Lasts 0

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