Paradise is Where I Bend My Knees

160 English songs from the 1990’s, published on 2008-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Am a Peace-Collecting Pilgrim-Soul (1) 0
I Am Flying and Flying (1) 0
I Am Flying and Flying (2) 0
God Tells Me 2
God Tells Me That He Is Giving Me 3
A Rising Sun 4
Your Mind 5
Each Divine Thought 6
My Aspiration-Heart-Room 7
Each Aspiring Moment 8
Before Leaving 9
My Soul Tells Me 10
Insolent Disobedience 11
Pride Says to God 12
When You Give an Inch 13
Prayers and Meditations 14
Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees 1
How Can I Be Perfect? 25
O Light of Asia (1) 45
Fifty Telephone Numbers by Heart 0
Each Time I Lose a Pound 0
The Caged Bird 0
I Go Out to Get What I Want 18
When I Go Out, I Am Nowhere 19
The Carpenter’s Human Son 20
I Go Out to See the Face of God (1) 21
I Go Out to Buy the World 22
Columbus Went Out 23
When I Go Out 24
Who Is My Best Friend, Who? 2
Smile, My Soul, Smile 5
With Every Breath of My Heart 8
My Thought Human Cries 1
When I Go Out, My Mind Provokes 2
Compassion Is God in Action 3
Humility’s Real Name 4
The Human in Me Knows No Future 5
My Lord Gave Me His Beauty’s Eye 6
My Mind-Train 7
My Hands Are Made By My Mind 8
My Home Is My School 9
Man Gives Me Scars 10
In the Morning I Am Thirsty 11
Happiness-Circle-Flames 12
Smile, My Heart, Smile 13
God Is Fond of Me 14
My Age Is My Childhood 15
My Heart and I Are So Excited 16
Deep I Dive 17
My Aspiration-Heart’s Peace-Sun 1
Goodness Is Peace-Drip 2
The Eye of Peace Is Microscopic 3
Peace Is in God-Quest 4
Peace I Did Not Find 5
Occult Wildfire 6
God’s Eye Frightens Me 7
My Mind’s Happiness-Sun 8
No Peace in My Mind’s God-Emptiness 9
My Peace-Empty Mind 10
My Peace 11
Sail My Heartbeat, Sail 1
Every Soul Is a God-Right-Hand-Man 2
My Newness-Mind-Tears 3
Away My Beloved Flies 4 S A
My Mind Complains 5
Mine Is a Birthless and Deathless Dream 6
Whom I Seek 7
Oh, What I Have and What I Am 8
Paradise 9
My Dear Lord 10
To Be a Chosen Child 11
My Poetry Tells Me 12
My Mind, My Mind, No More Roam 12
Fat Is No Good 0
New Year’s Message for (2) 13
I Am Your Slave 0
I Am an Orphan 0
O, in the Year Nine Nine Nine Nine 0
New Year’s Message for (3) 0
My Success-Life Painfully Dies 0
How Can I Ever Become Perfect? 2
My Supreme Lord’s Nectar-Flooded Face 3
I Came to Be a Climbing Flame 4
Mountain-High Aspiration 5
I Do Not Have to Know 6
No Doom 7
Within, Without, Nectar-Delight 8
Fulfil My Blue-Gold Dreams 9
Swim, Swim Once More 10
My Heart Is My Only Spokesman 11
Helpless, Hopeless, Homeless 12
I Am My Heart’s Gratitude 13
My Master Supreme 14
I Serve My Master Lord 15
Do Not Blame God 16
My Smiles Are My Mind-Purifiers 17
O Seeker, Be Not Blind 18
O Seeker, Never Be a Fool 19
O Seeker, Be Not Proud 20
O Seeker 21
Love, Service and Surrender-Thrill 22
No, Not for Name 23
I Know Not How to Smile 24
Tell the Truth 25
I Must Love Only a God-Hero 26
To Welcome My Sweet Supreme’s Feet 27
Volunteer Before You Are Drafted 28
I Surprise God 29
Without Ego-Effacement 30
Without Pride-Annihilation 31
Life Is Not Meant for the World Dispute 32
The Mind’s Supremacy 33
My Human Life and Death 34
Day By Day 35
The Blackboard of My Past 36
No More I Am Held Hostage 37
Finally, I Have Shut Down 38
My Heart Is Quick to Cry and Fly 39
My Life-Chimes 40
My Lord, My Lord, How Do I Dare? 41
O, Never Miss 42
As Wind and Water Fly and Flow 43
God Loves My Hide-And-Seek Tears 44
A New Life 45
My Lord Commands 46
My Lord’s Dance-Steps 47
My Prayer-Life Tells Me 0
When I Pray, My Lord Gives Me a Mind 0
My Searching Mind 1
Today My Crying Heart Shall Love God Only 2
Today My Smiling Life Shall Serve God 3
Today I Shall Become 4
Today I Shall Increase My God-Hunger 5
Today I Shall Concentrate 6
O Heaven, Be Not Cruel to Me 0
As Critics Are Ready-Made 0
Alas, I Can Clearly See 0
To My Extreme Joy 0
Enter We Must 0
New Year’s Message for (4) 0
My Lord, Give Me Not Your Compromise-Poison 0
My Future 0
God’s Chosen Children Came to Teach 0
My Heart’s Oneness-Fulness-Ring 0
O, Here I Come and There I Go 0
India’s Peace-Service-Tree 0
If I Love You Just Because You Love Me 26
I Pray, I Pray 0
I Love You, My Lord 0
A God-Victory-Song 7
Today I Must Conquer All My Enemies 8
Today God Has Decided to Hear from Me 9
Today I Am Seeing God and Peace 10
Today God Has Blessingfully Promised 11
Two God-Amusement-Rivals 0
A Friend of the Big Shots 0
All Great Men 0
Ganapati, Madal, Chinmoy 0
Aspiration-Comrade-Souls 0
No Friendship Lasts 0

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