No Problem, I Am My Gorgeous Smile

114 English songs, published on 1989-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Good God, Give Me Perfection-Advice 1 S
True, My Heart Is Aspiration-Starvation 2 S
I Shall Do My Level Best 3 S
Every Day My Soul Tells My Heart 4 S
I Am at a Loss 5 S
Body, My Body 6 S
All Is Amiss 7 S
The Doubtful Mind and the Fearful Heart 8 S
Both My Heart and Mind 9 S
I Always Speak under My Breath 10 S
Oceans of Nectar-Delight 11 S
Early Morning 12 S
I Know I Have Done Something Wrong 13 S
You Are Always Out of Pocket 14 S
A Supreme Monarch 15 S
There Is No Hard and Fast Rule 16 S
My Mind, Stop Speaking Ill of My Heart 17 S
My Stupid Mind 18 S
Alas, My Mind’s Peace-Discovery 19 S
My Heart Is Scared to Death 20 S
I Need No Counsel 21 S
Have You No Heart of Sympathy? 22 S
Be Happy, Remain Happy 23 S
You Called Me a Liar 24 S
You Are a Jack of All Trades 25 S
What You Are Telling Me 26 S
By No Means 27 S
Fear and Doubt 28 S
Like a Shot 29 S
We Were All in Seventh Heaven 30 S
I Showed Him the Door 31 S
You Do Not Have to Pay Any Attention 32 S
Whatever He Says in Company 33 S
Do Not Poke Fun 34 S
I Feel Sorry 35 S
Be Not Rude to Anybody 36 S
No Comparison 37 S
When You Tell Him to Do Something 38 S
I Am So Sad 39 S
Nobody Came to Me 40 S
My Stupid Friend, Where Did You Go? 41 S
When I Missed My Flight 42 S
Just Tell Me Quickly 43 S
I Do Not Want to Win the Race 44 S
I Am Begging You 45 S
I Shall Take You to Task 46 S
I Was on Tenterhooks 47 S
I Shall Spring a Surprise Upon You 48 S
When I Told Him That He Had Won 49 S
For the Last Five Years 50 S
Alas, My Desire-Frustrations Are Going Up 51 S
He Will Out-Herod Herod 52 S
Your Desire-Fulfilment 53 S
It Would Be Infra Dig 54 S
Do Not Nettle Me 55 S
You Are Totally Mistaken 56 S
How Dare You Stare? 57 S
I Badly Need Your Help 58 S
The Long and Short of the Whole Matter 59 S
I Have Not Studied My Lessons 60 S
For You to Be a Tennis Champ 61 S
Alas, Alas, You Are Fishing for Compliments 62 S
Badly I Need Your Help 63 S
He Is a Past Master 64 S
A Blatant Lie 65 S
The Day I Do Good Meditation 66 S
Everybody Knows 67 S
Nobody Is Exempt 68 S
I Shall Give You Everything 69 S
If You Need Any Favour from Me 70 S
I Trust Him 71 S
Do Not Extol Me 72 S
I Shall Leave No Stone Unturned 73 S
If You Have Come Here to Borrow Money 74 S
He Is So Undisciplined 75 S
I Know Not Why 76 S
Tell Me, My Brother-Friend 77 S
Because of My Aspiration-Famine 78 S
If You Believe in Your Life’s Inner Progress 79 S
O God-Lover 80 S
The Complete Surrender 81 S
Do Not Hurt Him 82 S
He Has Done Everything Wrong 83 S
I Did Give You Some Rope 84 S
It Is Beneath My Dignity 85 S
I Am So Sorry 86 S
It Takes Me Three Hours 87 S
Because He Is 88 S
No Matter What He Says 89 S
Alas, My Heart Is as Unfeeling as Rocks 90 S
Alas, Your Thoughts 91 S
Although They Are Friends 92 S
Be Not as Ambitious 93 S
Be Not as Proud 94 S
Each Heart 95 S
As Brave As Achilles 96 S
Everything He Says 97 S
As Thirsty as a Sponge 98 S
As Tranquil as the Summer Sea 99 S
As Hopeful as the Break of Day 100 S
I Have Heard Many Orators 101 S
I Need a Heart as Mild as a Dove 102 S
I Need a Mind as Active as Quicksilver 103 S
As Confident as Hercules 104 S
Keep Your Mind as Fresh as Dew 105 S
As Brainless as a Chimpanzee 106 S
My Father’s Mind 107 S
As Unhappy as King Lear 108 S
As Talkative as a Magpie 109 S
The Human Mind 110 S
Who Can Feed You Well? 111 S
Your Heart 112 S A
As Arid as the Sands of the Sahara 113 S
Your Thoughts 114 S

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