New York Groups

47 English songs, November 1999

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Success-Life Painfully Dies 1 S
How Can I Ever Become Perfect? 2 S
To See My Supreme Lord’s Nectar-Flooded Face 3 S
I Came to Be a Climbing Flame 4 S
Mountain-High Aspiration 5 S
I Do Not Have to Know 6 S
No Doom 7 S
Within, Without, Nectar-Delight 8 S
Fulfil My Blue-Gold Dreams 9 S
Swim, Swim Once More 10 S
My Heart Is My Only Spokesman 11 S
Helpless, Hopeless, Homeless 12 S
I Am My Heart’s Gratitude 13 S
My Master Supreme 14 S
I Serve My Master Lord 15 S
Do Not Blame God 16 S
My Smiles Are My Mind-Purifiers 17 S
O Seeker, Be Not Blind 18 S
O Seeker, Never Be a Fool 19 S
O Seeker, Be Not Proud 20 S
O Seeker 21 S
Love, Service and Surrender-Thrill 22 S
No, Not for Name 23 S
I Know Not How to Smile 24 S
Tell the Truth 25 S
I Must Love Only a God-Hero 26 S
To Welcome My Sweet Supreme’s Feet 27 S
Volunteer Before You Are Drafted 28 S
I Surprise God 29 S
Without Ego-Effacement 30 S
Without Pride-Annihilation 31 S
Life Is Not Meant for the Wild Dispute 32 S
The Mind’s Supremacy 33 S
My Human Life and Death 34 S
May Day By Day 35 S
The Blackboard of My Past 36 S
No More I Am Held Hostage 37 S
Finally, I Have Shut Down 38 S
My Heart Is Quick to Cry and Fly 39 S
May My Life-Chimes 40 S
My Lord, My Lord, How Do I Dare? 41 S
O, Never Miss 42 S
As Wind and Water Fly and Flow 43 S
God Loves My Hide-And-Seek Tears 44 S
A New Life 45 S
My Lord Commands, “Come here" 46 S
My Lord’s Dance-Steps 47 S

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