Nelson Mandela, The Pinnacle-Pillar of Mother Earth

9 songs about Nelson Mandela, including quotes, published on 1998-11-11

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Graça Machel 1 S
Mother Graça Machel 2 S
We May Be Impoverished 3 S
You Have to Go and Fly High 4 S
To Achieve Peace 5 S
Long Walk to Freedom 7 S
Any Man That Tries to Rob Me 8 S
ANC — the Freedom-Dream-Ecstasy (2) 9 S
I Am Not Truly Free 10 S
I Dare Not Linger 11 S
O South Africa 12 S
Africa 13 S
Nelson Mandela 14 S
You Must Vow 15 S

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