Kon Pradipe Alo Jwele

Composed on Apr. 27th, 1976


Kon pradipe alo jwele
Shishu tumi dharai aso
Ghor bipade kon debatar
Hasi dekhe haso
Bhabna chinta hatash hriday
Tomar kabhu nai
Ke je tomar ankhir sathi
Bhebe nahi pai
Maran joyi haye tumi
Dipti nire bhaso


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O child divine,
Which flame do you kindle
And then enter into the world arena?
Do tell me,
When you are in danger stark,
Whose smile makes you smile?
You do not suffer from worries and anxieties.
Who is the friend of your vision-eye?
I think and think,
But I find no solution.
When can I conquer death
And swim in the water of celestial light?

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