Ki Diye Tomare Pujibo Janani

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Ki diye tomare pujibo janani
    Kon upachare pujibo
Jibaner shata michhe abhimane
    Kon jadubale nashibo
Abhiman hane bhaktire more
Nahi kate tai paraner ghor
Bhasibar lagi bhakti sagare
    Nai je amar tarani
Jani ami mago tumiy amar
    Jiban lakya sarani


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I do not know, Mother,
   how to worship You,How to adore You.
All false sulking, I do not know
How to destroy.
I have no magic word
To transform all my sulking
Into love divine for You;
Therefore, darkness of my heart
    never leaves me.
I want to sail in the sea of devotion.
Alas I have no boat of my own.
I know, I know, Mother,
You are my only road,
You are my only goal.

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