I Love My Sycophants

Composed on Dec. 8th, 2005


I love my sycophants;
They are my best flatterers.
I live on their flatteries — 
Their flatteries are most delicious.

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Sri Chinmoy wrote this humorous song while on a trip with his students to Pangkor Island, Malaysia. During a function, he had shown everyone ten new richly-colored paintings he had just created using acrylic paints. After the new works were shown, Sri Chinmoy commented that some of the people there had sincerely appreciated his artwork while others had not. Still others, he said, “are what you call flatterers. So I am composing this song!” On the spot, he spontaneously composed this song and then asked everyone present to sing it. Then he designated two leaders and asked them to form groups and to perform the song the following day. “Take your people and demonstrate flattery and how it gives us joy,” he exclaimed.

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