Enthusiasm, Part 13

130 English songs (includes 12 revised songs), from June 2000 to March 2007, published 2019-08-27

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Enthusiasm - God's Main Food 1 S
The Green Light Is A Short Breath 2 S
Cosmos-Heart 3 S
I Run ... to See My Lord’s Blue–Gold Vision–Face 4 S
My Body Goes to God Walking (2) 5 S
Heart You Need 6 S
You Need, He Needs, I Need 7 S
May My Master Every Day Play 8 S
There Is Only One Father 9 S
My Prayer–Life Is Beautiful 10 S
Be a Faith-Rock (2) 11 S
Like a Bird I Sing and Sing (2) 12 S
Time Flies, Time Flies, Alas Time Flies 13 S
My Human Eyes Look (2) 14 S
O World–Waker, Where Are You? 15 S
I Like to See the Face Unseen (2) 16 S
My Life and I Explore Far and Wide 17 S
God Never Wants Me to Go to Him on Tiptoe 18 S
Oh, My Journey’s Half! 19 S
Not by Conquering 20 S
Serve the Crying Earth (2) 21 S
God-Realisation Is Empty of Vacation (2) 22 S
I My Lord’s Infinity-Sky 23 S
I Have Come to Complete 24 S
Prediction Fails, Silence Sails (2) 25 S
God–Realisation Is Simple 26 S
Anger Says,“I Can” 27 S
Happy New Year (1) ... Be Brave 28 S
Happy New Year (2) ... Go Forward 29 S
Happy New Year! (3) God the Eye You Claim 30 S
Happy New Year (4) ... I Shall Be My God-Hope-Joy 31 S
Without Name and Fame 32 S
God’s Heart Asks 33 S
God’s Eye Follows 34 S
Anything Worth Having 35 S
A Cheerful Mind 36 S
Wherever You Go, Carry Happiness 37 S
Dream, Dream, Dream! 38 S
Simplicity Is an Advanced Course 39 S
Never Depend on Applause 40 S
Every Day You Must Prepare Yourself 41 S
Truth Is in All (2005) 42 S
Spirituality ... Unity’s Sleepless, Breathless Multiplicity 43 S
A Spirituality–Mind–Query (2) 44 S
I Rely on God’s Horizon-Smiles (2) 45 S
Heaven Is There (2) 46 S
My Lord, May I Not Love Your Feet? (2) 47 S
Once God’s Forgiveness-Sun Rises (2005) 48 S
I See God Dancing (2005) 49 S
I Am Looking for God (2005) 50 S
To Surrender to God’s Will (2) 51 S
Each Meditation 52 S
My Lord, Give Me the Strength of Love (2) 53 S
I Have Returned My Sleep (2) 54 S
My Lord Beloved Supreme and I Thrive 55 S
I Happily Welcome 56 S
I Bravely Welcome 57 S
Every Morning I Need (2) 58 S
My Earthly Music (2) 59 S
My Supreme ... Do Give Me Forty-Eight Hours a Day 60 S
Every Day Children Strike Their Father’s Victory-Gongs 61 S
The Sacred Truth Must Remain Unknown 62 S
Nobody Can Estimate 63 S
God Is Personally and Compassionately Concerned 64 S
Speaking About God Is Good 65 S
Praying to God Is, Indeed, Better 66 S
Surrendering Oneself Totally (2) 67 S
God Tells Me That I Need No Outer Degrees (2) 68 S
My Mind–Prayers 69 S
My Heart–Meditations 70 S
At My Master’s Express Command (2) 71 S
To Shorten My Doubt (2) 72 S
My Mind Thinks (2) 73 S
My Heart Feels (2) 74 S
God’s Late Arrival (2) 75 S
Today My Lord Is Asking My Heart 76 S
My Lord, I Do Not Want to Be (1) 77 S
My Lord, I Do Not Want to Be (2) 78 S
My Lord, I Do Not Want to Be (3) 79 S
My Lord, I Do Not Want to Be (4) 80 S
My Lord, I Do Not Want to Be (5) 81 S
My Lord, I Do Not Want to Be (6) 82 S
My Lord, I Want to Be (7) 83 S
I Must Pray, Not Only for Myself 84 S
My Lord Tells Me to Go and See My Sister-Moon (2) 85 S
My Lord Tells Me to Go and See My Brother-Sun 86 S
We Must Cut Asunder 87 S
My Heart’s Fondness of Truth 88 S
Start and Continue Your Inner Run 89 S
O God–Warriors on the Battlefield of Life 90 S
I Know, My Outer Name 91 S
Any Time Is the Perfect Time 92 S
Desire–Road Is Endless 93 S
The Desire–Boat Is Bound to Sink 94 S
My Lord Tells Me ...“Do Not Prophesy” 95 S
Each Soul on Earth 96 S
God-Thoughts I Love and Adore 97 S
A God–Believer Needs No Proof 98 S
The Sacred Heart of a Sage 99 S
Within, Deep Aspiration 100 S
To Feed My Heart, I Smile and Cry 101 S
My Master Knows (2) 102 S
Yes, I Can! (1) 103 S
Yes, I Can! (2) 104 S
Yes, I Can! (3) 105 S
I Must Wake Up (2) 106 S
A Divine Thought 107 S
My God–Hunger 108 S
There Is a Rainbow 109 S
May My Heart–Boat Sail 110 S
Your Heart Is as Beautiful 111 S
When I Look at My Heart 112 S
I Do Not Want to Be a Great Prophet 113 S
My Prayer Is My Life–Song 114 S
God’s Justice–Eye 115 S
I Love My Sycophants 116 S
Thirty–Two Years I Lived in India 117 S
My Supreme ... I Love You, I Need You 118 S
Humility...The Saviour Christ Is 119 S
God Shows His Fondness (2) 120 S
The Outer Pain I Have 121 S
Life Is Not a Stumbling Experience (2) 122 S
Life Is a Climbing Realisation (2) 123 S
Never Give Up Your Inward Gaze (2) 124 S
Long, Long, Long ... Ago 125 S
My Lord ...You Are My All, Only All 126 S
I Live to Serve God 127 S
Rise, Rise, O My Heart, Rise 128 S
Our Kneeling Prayers 129 S
Heaven’s Highest Height 130 S

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