Enthusiasm, Part 11

English songs from March 2006 to February 2007, published on 2008-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord, on My Way to the Goal 81 S
Physical Pain, Mental Pain 82 S
By Serving You Alone 83 S
Every Heart-Song 91 S
My Lord, Absolute Lord Supreme 97 S
I Shall Not Cry, I Shall Not Smile 106 S
How Many Hundreds of Times 109 S
No Aspiration 69
Be Not Alone 70
Choose God’s Eye 71
Ah, There He Goes, My Lord 72
Feed Not Desire 73
Invoke Your Inner Light 74
I Am Happy When My Heart Takes the Lead 75
Only God-Servers 76
I Use My Soul’s Most Powerful Superlatives 77
Everything Has Its Roots in God’s Heart 78
Be True 79
I Do Not Pray to God to Satisfy Me 80
True, My Hand-Violin Has Sadly Failed Me 84
When I See God’s Eye 85
The Outer Sun 86
Enlightenment Comes from Self-Effacement 87
Closeness and Fondness 88
My Sunlit Heart Saves My Life 89
I Have Given My Heart-Key 90
In the Darkness of My Mind-Night 92
In the Spiritual Life 93
I Must Give God a Fair Chance 94
My God-Surrender and My God-Ecstasy 95
To Make My Life Perfect 96
Sleep Like a Child 98
Not Loudly, But Soulfully 99
My Faith in God (3) 100
Two Choosers 101
Be Happy, Be Happy 102
Happy Are My Eyes (2) 103
Every Morning God Wants to Hear from Me 104
I Am So Happy When I Am Doing the Right Thing 107
How Far God Goes 105
My Eyes Can Fool Me 108
Every Morning and Every Evening 110
Dream, Always Dream 111
Explore, Explore! 112
My Aspiration-Journey 113
Mistakes Are to Be Disgarded 114
O Seeker, How Do You Expect Heart-Flowers? 115
I Use My Silence-Eye When I Speak 116
Our Prayers Save Us 117
Our Meditations Save Us 118
In My Heart of Hearts 119
My Determination-Promise 120
God Says to Me 121
God’s Face I Love 122
Do Not Follow 123
With the Tears of My Heart 124
Jealousy and Insecurity 125
Prayer Embodies 126
Meditation Reveals 127
God Tells Me That I Have Come a Long Way 128
Why Is Surrender So Difficult? 129
My Aspiring Heart Is Followed 130
God Has Infinite Rooms 131
My Lord, May I Be Always in Between 132
True, My Eyes Are Empty of God’s Face 133
My Supreme, Do Bless Me Every Night 134
A Traveller of Thought-Worlds 135
Strange, God Tells Me 136
The Rising Sun Beautifies Me 137
My Prayer-Life Is My God-Addition 138
My Meditation-Heart Is My God-Multiplication 139
My Lord Whispers 140
Cry, Cry, Sleeplessly Cry Within 141
From God’s Eye, My Spiritual Journey Starts 142
At God’s Feet 143
Every Day God Beckons Us 144
Disobedience-Strides 145
Baby Elephant 146
I Wish to Obey Every Day 147
My Lord, Please Make Me a Permanent Member 148
Another Name of Prayer 149
Another Name of Meditation 150
I Thank God 151
Alas, When Will Truth Reign? 152
My God-Fulfilment-Readiness 153
In My Inner Life, I Am a Heaven-Climbing Cry 154
Morning Is the Best Time 1
I Was Born to Be Good 2
Be Not Afraid 3
I Am a Thunder-Whisper-God-Singer-Joy 4
Nineteen Thirty-One 5
Be a Self-Giving Life 6
May My Heart Be a Nest 7
Divine Hero 8
Be the Heart of God-Compassion 9
Forty-Two Years Ago 10
My Love of God Is My Only Religion 11
The Tears of My Heart (3) 12
O My Blue-Gold Heart-Bird 13
My Supreme, Your Victory 14
I Love My Lord’s Whisper-Blessings 15
Heaven’s Silence-Music 16
In My Aspiration-Life 17
My Lord, I Like Your Sweet Requests 18
My Lord, I Run and Run and Run 21
The Human Father 22
A Bengali Village-Heart 23
The Outer Rain 24
Truth-Telling People I Love 25
I Always Keep Wide Open 26
A Slow Pace 27
If You Want to Open God’s Heart-Door 28
The Mind, the Vital and the Body 29
The Soul, the Heart and the Breath 30
The Earth-Founder 31
I Am Nobody 32
I Am Loved by My Sweet Children Deeply 33
The Champion of Champions Am I 34
In the World’s Longest, Bravest Distance Run 35
I Am the World’s Longest Distance Runner 36
God’s Blessingful Concern 37
I Sail and Sail and Sail 38
Be Bold! 39
Gently, Kindly, Smilingly 40
Self-Offering and God-Becoming 41
From High Heaven 42
I Have Made My Life ‘Round-the-Clock’ 43
My Lord’s Morning Calls 44
My Aspiration-Heart and God’s Compassion-Eye 45
To Love God Unconditionally 47
Punctuality in Spirituality 48
May My Heart Be 49
Come What May (2) 46
My Tears and Smiles 50
My Joy Is in Loving God 51
The Tears of My Heart and the Smiles of God’s Eye 52
My Heart Is God’s Home 53
I Love God’s Feet 54
My Prayers and Meditations 55
I Must Dive Deep Within 56
I Am Happy 57
Everything Is Possible 58
The Life That Has No Goal 59
We Love Our Desire-Life 60
A Pure Thought 62
I Speak to God’s Golden Feet 61
When I Think of God, I Become Great 63
Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy 64
Every Morning, Every Evening 65
I Pray to God’s Eye 66
Peace, God’s Next Act 67
Heart, God’s Arrival 68
The Human in Me Loves God (1) 19
Only One Attachment (1) 20

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