Enthusiasm, Part 11

English songs from March 2006 to February 2007, published on 2008-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord, on The Way to the Goal 81 S
Physical Pain, Mental Pain 82 S
By Serving You Alone 83 S
Every Heart-Song 91 S
My Lord, Absolute Lord Supreme 97 S
I Shall Not Cry, I Shall Not Smile 106 S
How Many Hundreds of Times 109 S
No Aspiration 69
Be Not Alone 70
Choose God’s Eye 71
Ah, There He Goes, My Lord 72 S
Feed Not Desire 73
Invoke Your Inner Light 74
I Am Happy When My Heart Takes the Lead 75
Only God-Servers 76
I Use My Soul’s Most Powerful Superlatives 77
Everything Has Its Roots in God’s Heart 78 S
Be True 79
I Do Not Pray to God to Satisfy Me 80 S
True, My Hand-Violin Has Sadly Failed Me 84
When I See God’s Eye 85
The Outer Sun 86 S
Enlightenment Comes from Self-Effacement 87
Closeness and Fondness 88 S
My Sunlit Heart Saves My Life 89
I Have Given My Heart-Key 90 S
In the Darkness of My Mind-Night 92
In the Spiritual Life 93
I Must Give God a Fair Chance 94 S
My God-Surrender and My God-Ecstasy 95 S
To Make My Life Perfect 96 S
Sleep Like a Child 98 S
Not Loudly, But Soulfully 99 S
My Faith in God (3) 100
Two Choosers 101
Be Happy, Be Happy 102 S
Happy Are My Eyes (2) 103
Every Morning God Wants to Hear from Me 104 S
I Am So Happy When I Am Doing the Right Thing 107
How Far God Goes 105 S
My Eyes Can Fool Me 108
Every Morning and Every Evening 110
Dream, Always Dream 111
Explore, Explore! 112
My Aspiration-Journey 113 S
Mistakes Are to Be Disgarded 114 S
O Seeker, How Do You Expect Heart-Flowers? 115
I Use My Silence-Eye When I Speak 116
Our Prayers Save Us 117 S
Our Meditations Save Us 118 S
In My Heart of Hearts 119 S
My Determination-Promise 120
God Says to Me 121
God’s Face I Love 122
Do Not Follow 123 S
With the Tears of My Heart 124
Jealousy and Insecurity 125 S
Prayer Embodies 126
Meditation Reveals 127
God Tells Me That I Have Come a Long Way 128 S
Why Is Surrender So Difficult? 129 S
My Aspiring Heart Is Followed 130 S
God Has Infinite Rooms 131
My Lord, May I Be Always in Between 132
True, My Eyes Are Empty of God’s Face 133
My Supreme, Do Bless Me Every Night 134 S
A Traveller of Thought-Worlds 135 S
Strange, God Tells Me 136 S
The Rising Sun Beautifies Me 137 S
My Prayer-Life Is My God-Addition 138
My Meditation-Heart Is My God-Multiplication 139
My Lord Whispers 140 S
Cry, Cry, Sleeplessly Cry Within 141 S
From God’s Eye, My Spiritual Journey Starts 142
At God’s Feet 143
Every Day God Beckons Us 144 S
Disobedience-Strides 145 S
Baby Elephant 146 S
I Wish to Obey Every Day 147 S
My Lord, Please Make Me a Permanent Member 148
Another Name of Prayer 149 S
Another Name of Meditation 150
I Thank God 151 S
Alas, When Will Truth Reign? 152 S
My God-Fulfilment-Readiness 153 S
In My Inner Life, I Am a Heaven-Climbing Cry 154 S
Morning Is the Best Time 1
I Was Born to Be Good 2
Be Not Afraid 3
I Am a Thunder-Whisper-God-Singer-Joy 4
Nineteen Thirty-One 5
Be a Self-Giving Life 6
May My Heart Be a Nest 7
Divine Hero 8 S
Be the Heart of God-Compassion 9 S
Forty-Two Years Ago 10 S
My Love of God Is My Only Religion 11
The Tears of My Heart (3) 12
O My Blue-Gold Heart-Bird 13 S
My Supreme, Your Victory 14
I Love My Lord’s Whisper-Blessings 15
Heaven’s Silence-Music 16
In My Aspiration-Life 17
My Lord, I Like Your Sweet Requests 18
My Lord, I Run and Run and Run 21
The Human Father 22 S
A Bengali Village-Heart 23
The Outer Rain 24 S
Truth-Telling People I Love 25 S
I Always Keep Wide Open 26
A Slow Pace 27
If You Want to Open God’s Heart-Door 28 S
The Mind, the Vital and the Body 29 S
The Soul, the Heart and the Breath 30
The Earth-Founder 31
I Am Nobody 32
I Am Loved by My Sweet Children Deeply 33 S
The Champion of Champions Am I 34
In the World’s Longest, Bravest Distance Run 35
I Am the World’s Longest Distance Runner 36
God’s Blessingful Concern 37
I Sail and Sail and Sail 38 S
Be Bold! 39
Gently, Kindly, Smilingly 40
Self-Offering and God-Becoming 41 S
From High Heaven 42
I Have Made My Life ‘Round-the-Clock’ 43 S
My Lord’s Morning Calls 44
My Aspiration-Heart and God’s Compassion-Eye 45 S
To Love God Unconditionally 47 S
Punctuality in Spirituality 48 S
May My Heart Be 49
Come What May (2) 46
My Tears and Smiles 50 S
My Joy Is in Loving God 51
The Tears of My Heart and the Smiles of God’s Eye 52
My Heart Is God’s Home 53
I Love God’s Feet 54
My Prayers and Meditations 55 S
I Must Dive Deep Within 56 S
I Am Happy 57
Everything Is Possible 58
The Life That Has No Goal 59
We Love Our Desire-Life 60 S
A Pure Thought 62
I Speak to God’s Golden Feet 61
When I Think of God, I Become Great 63 S
Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy 64 S
Every Morning, Every Evening 65 S
I Pray to God’s Eye 66
Peace, God’s Next Act 67
Heart, God’s Arrival 68
The Human in Me Loves God (1) 19
Only One Attachment (1) 20

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