Devi Savitri

Composed on Aug. 22nd, 1997


Devi Savitri Devi Savitri Devi Savitri
Taba garimai taba sushamai nache dharitri
Atmatyager bhudhar shikhar baridhi banya
Bishwa prabhur tripti fuara dhanya kanya
Sri Aurobindo amar kabya asim chetana
Ati manaser mukti banshari dharar eshana


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Goddess Savitri, Goddess Savitri, Goddess Savitri,
The entire world dances in your glory
And in your beauty non-pareil.
You are the ocean-flood and the mountain-summit
   Of self-giving.
O blessed daughter of the Absolute Supreme,
You are His satisfaction-fountain.
You embody the infinite consciousness
Of Sri Aurobindo’s epic “Savitri”.You are at once the aspiration-flowers of the world
And the liberation-fruit of the Supermind.

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