All Can Be Done if the God-Touch Is There

79 mantric utterances from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri*, published on 1997-11-12

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Man Is at Once Animal and God 0 S
Devi Savitri 0 S T
All Can Be Done 0 S
Only a Little 0 S
While There 0 S
A Traveller between Summit and Abyss 0 S
The Human in Him 0 S
God Shall Grow Up 0 S
We Are Sons of God 0 S
Beyond Earth’s Longitudes and Latitudes 0 S
Our Life Is a Holocaust 0 S
Oh, Surely One Day 0 S
None Can Reach Heaven 0 S
Our Human State 0 S
The One By Whom All Live 0 S
Escape Brings Not the Victory 0 S
In Absolute Silence 0 S
A Giant Dance of Shiva 0 S
Whoever Is Too Great 0 S
The Soul in Man 0 S
The Life You Lead 0 S
The Great Are Strongest 0 S
The Day-Bringer 0 S
Our Life Is a March 0 S
Man Can Accept His Fate 0 S
His Failure Is Not Failure 0 S
I Wear the Face of Kali 0 S
One Man’s Perfection (1) 0 S
He Who Would Save the World 0 S
All Is Too Little 0 S
I Shall Save Earth 0 S
A Blind God 0 S
A Cave of Darkness 0 S
A Death-Bound Littleness 0 S
A Light There Is That Leads 0 S
A Moment Sees 0 S
A Thinking Puppet 0 S
A Touch Can Alter 0 S
All Our Earth Starts from Mud 0 S
All Rose from the Silence 0 S
All Things Are Real 0 S
All Things Hang Here 0 S
Although Defeated 0 S
An Idiot Hour 0 S
Love Is a Yearning 0 S
Matter Shall Reveal the Spirit’s Face 0 S
Mortality Bears Ill the Eternal’s Touch 0 S
One Man’s Perfection (2) 0 S
The Spirit Rises Mightier 0 S
The Soul That Can Live Alone 0 S
There Is a Purpose 0 S
Truth Born Too Soon 0 S
Night Is Not Our Beginning 0 S
A Few Can Climb 0 S
A Future Knowledge 0 S
To Know Is Best 0 S
A Huge Extinction 0 S
But Few Are They 0 S
By Light We Live 0 S
Death Helps Us Not 0 S
Death Is a Passage 0 S
Earth Is the Chosen Place 0 S
Earth Must Transform Herself 0 S
Eternity Speaks 0 S
Fate Shall Be Changed 0 S
For Joy and Not for Sorrow 0 S
God Found in Nature 0 S
Heaven’s Call Is Rare 0 S
If Mind Is All, Renounce the Hope of Bliss 0 S
In the Beginning 0 S
Only the Pure in Soul 0 S
Out of the Unknown 0 S
The Gods Are Still Too Few 0 S
There Is No Rest 0 S
We Are Greater Than Our Thoughts 0 S
Even the Body Shall Remember God 0 S
My God Is Love 0 S
There Is No Perfect Answer 0 S
The World Is Real 0 S
The Life That Fails and Dies 0
Space Is Himself 0 S
Slowly the Light Grows Greater 0 S
Our Dead Selves 0 S
Our Fate the Child 0 S
Nothing Is All Our Own 0
Mind Can Never Touch 0 S
Men Die That Man May Live 0
Mind Can Never See 0 S
All’s Miracle Here 0
Blow Your Conch-Shells 0 S
Doom Is Not a Close, a Mystic Seal 0
Heaven in its Rapture 0
If Mind Is All, Renounce the Hope of Truth 0
Souls That Do Not Aspire 0 S
He Who Chooses the Infinite 0 S

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