This is the 1,628th book of Sri Chinmoy’s writings published since his arrival in the West in 1964.

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Eso Eso Param Prabhu 1 S T
Come, Come, My Lord Supreme God 2 S
Aj Phuteche Hiya Kamal 3 S T
My Heart-Lotus 4 S
Amar Hiyar Kebal Swapan 5 S T
My Heart’s Only Dream (2) 6 S
Nutan Pathe Chalbo Ami 7 S T
I Shall Walk Along a New Road 8 S
Dibo Ar Nibo 9 S T
I Shall Give and Take 10 S
Savyasachi Tomar Sebai Benche Achi 11 S T
Savyasachi, Your Service Keeps Me Alive 12 S
Ashrita, Challenger and Winner 13 S
Dibase Nishite Benche Achi Ami 14 S
Your Forgiveness-Power Keeps Me Alive 15 S
Khamar Jogya Nahi Ami Jishu 16 S T
O Saviour Christ Your forgiveness I Deserve Not 17 S
Nirmala Karo Pratiti Chinta 18 S T
O My Lord Supreme, Do Make Each Thought 19 S
Kalpana Pakhi Eso Eso Aji 20 S T
O Imagination-Bird,Come 21 S
Kandite Shikhechi Tomar Charane 22 S T
My Lord, I Have Learned How to Cry 23 S
Pratijogita Maner Ashphalen 24 S T
Competition Is The Mind’s Bravado 25 S
Hiya Ankhi Khule Dao 26 S T
Open My Heart-Eye 27 S
Hajar Bandhan Dhangsa Kare 28 S T
Thousands of Obstacle-Chains 29 S
Nil Pakhi Sathe Uri Ami Dibarati 30 S T
Day In, Day Out 31 S
Eshana Diyecho Bhakati Diyecho 32 S T
You Have Given Me 33 S
Khama Jadi Naiba Karo Charbona Go 34 S T
Even If You Do Not Forgive Me 35 S
Ebar Asile Phiriya Jabona 36 S T
This Time When I Come Back 37 S
Chinta Sathe Larai Kare Jayi Halem Aj 38 S
Shuni Shuni Pran Gabhire Kanur Nupur Dhwani 39 S T
I Hear, I Hear Krishna’s Jingling Ankle Bells. 40 S
Dakite Chahina Kandite Chahina 41 S T
I Know Not How 42 S
Bhule Jai Bhule Jai Dyuloker Ashirvad 43 S T
We Forget, We Forget Heaven’s Blessings. 44 S
Kamana Basana Diye Bendechi Amar Pran 45 S
Janma Mrittyu Swarga Martya Sabiy 46 S
Surjya Loker Amna Sabai Dipti Jatri 47 S
Kandite Hasite Asi Nai Ar Ei Dharanite 48 S
Janite Chahina Amar Mrittyu Dibas 49 S T
I Do Not Want to Know the Day 50 S
Bhango... Bhango Amar Supti Ghor 51 S
Break... Break My Darkness-Sleep 52 S
Punya Bina Purna Jiban Asambhab 53 S T
No Virtues, No Light-Flooded Life 54 S
Consciousness-Bliss in infinite Measure 55 S
If You Want To Become a World Redeemer 56 S
I Developed Cold Feet 57 S
I Enjoy Cock-and-Bull Stories 58 S
I Fear Not to Mention 60 S
I Have a Heart 61 S
Each Human Being Is My Bosom Friend 62 S
Barking Dogs Seldom Bite 63 S
Every Day at the Crack of Dawn 64 S
You Are Ahead of the Times 65 S
How Can Anybody Enjoy 66 S
I Am All Eyes 67 S
I Am All Ears 68 S
All Is Fair in Love and War 69 S
Only When You Are In God’s Special Care 70 S
More and More Ignorance-Seeds I Gather 71 S
A Friend in Need 72 S
Arise with the Lark 73 S
Half a Loaf Is Better Than None 74 S
My Lord, Do Have a Change of Heart 75 S
Otiant: Idle 76 S
Inanition: Emptiness 77 S
Powerful Blessings from the English Soul, Set 1 78 S T
Powerful Blessings from the English Soul, Set 2 79 S T
Powerful Blessings from the English Soul, Set 3 80 S T
Powerful Blessings from the English Soul, Set 4 81 S T
Come: Eso 82 S
Sit: Baso 83 S
Ami Asi: I Come 84 S
Ami Bhalobasi: I Love 85 S
Jatri: Pilgrim 86 S
Ratri: Night 87 S

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