Your Face Is My Dream

172 Bengali/English songs from various years, published on 2009-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Nikhila Sharana Amiya Nayana 21 S T
O World-Haven 22
Abanir Majhi Hiyaphulla Saji 23 S T
O World-Pilot 24
Bedanar Sheshe Ranjana Deshe 25 S T
At the End of My Excruciating Pangs 26
Kemane Kandibo Kemane Hasibo 27 S T
I Know Not How to Cry 28
Maner Rate Hiyar Prate 29 S T
In My Mind-Night, in My Heart-Dawn 30
Khandan Kare Bandhan Mor 31 S T
Break Asunder 32
Eso Dibakara 33 T
O Daylight Sun 34
Sabare Tushite Tomare Dakite Tomare 35 T
To Please Everybody 36 S
Madhur Swapan Madhur Jiban 37 S T
May My Dream Be Sweet 38 S
Bandhan Hara Shanti Dhara 39 S T
The Flow of Peace 40 S
God and Indifference (1) 69
Bhagaban Ar Udasinata 70 S T
The Last Day of His Duty 71
Param Janena Tar Kartabyer Shesh Din 72 T
Tomar Khamar Bale 67 T
Today I Am Able to Sit at Your Feet 68
Jiban Jethai Maran Sethai 47 S T
Where Life Is 48
Tomare Chhariye Kemane Rahibo 49 T
Leaving You 50
Ashai Amar Param Sathi 51 S T
My Supreme Friend Is My Hope 52 S
Khule Dao Prabhu Hiyar Duar 53 S T
Shunya Hate Asiyachi Shunye Phire Jabo 55 T
From Immortality’s Nothingness-Void 56
Swarge Jabo Hese Hese 57 S T
Smiling and Smiling I Shall Go to Heaven 58
Ami Hate Chahi Kusum Surabhi 59 S T
In My Inner Life, I Would Like To Be 60
Bishwa Janani Nahi Kabhu Pabo 61 S T
O Mother of this World 62 S
Nijere Danite Prati Pale Pale 63 S T
I Came into the World to Sacrifice Myself 64
Tomare Tushite Chahije Kebal 65 S T
My Lord, I Desire to Please You Only 66
Eso Eso Baso Baso Amar Hiyar Bagane 1 T
O, Come, Come 2
Dayamayi Daya Kare Jeona Aji 3 S T
O Mother of Compassion 4 S
Jatrar Halo Suru 5 S T
My Journey Begins 6 S
O Hariye Phelechi Ma 7 S T
I Have Lost My Way 8
Parameshwari 9 T
Mother Supreme 10
Jiban Amar Saphal Habe 11 T
My Life Shall Be Fulfilled 12 S
Bindu Ami Sindhu Habo 13 T
A Drop Am I 14 S
Urdhe Nilima Sathe 15 T
The Blue Welkin 16
Amar Bhitar Jibane Bahir Jibane 17 S T
In My Inner Life, in My Outer Life 18
Tomar Giti Gan Na Gahile 19 S T
How Can I Get Your Love? 20
Hai Hai Hai 21 T
Alas, My Heart Is Empty of Hope 22
Keno Bhule Jai Tumi Je Amar 23 T
Why Do I Forget? 24 S
Namer Jasher Kangal Ami Taito Bhoye Mari 25 T
Fear Tortures Me 26 S
Hiya Pure Jete Habe (1) 27 T
Fast, Very Fast 28
Dao Dao Thai Thai 29 S T
Ami Durbal Ami Asahai 1 S T A
Kandite Chahina Hasite Chahina Chahi 3 T
Balo Balo Balo Balo Nath 5 S T A
Nil Bharidhir Gabhir Hiyai 7 S T
Ashar Tarani 9 T
Baro Bhalo Lage Rakhite 11 S T
Chapal Paran Prashanta Habe 13 T
Ashar Pathe Chalar Samay 15 S T
Bhitare Bahire Amara Moder Gurur Dulali 17 S T
Chaowar Khudha Baroi Pira Dayi 19 S T
Nami Nami Nami Nami Nami Pranami 21 S T
Dharanite Bedan Gite 23 S T
Amar Pita Bishwa Pita 25 S T A
Atmatyagi Hate Habe 27 T
Jukta Hale Mukta Habo 29 S T
Nahi Jani Kahar Lagi 31 S T
Mukti Bagan Dake Anupan 1 S T
Liberation-Sky 2
Simar Majhe Asim 3 T
The Delight-Dream of the Absolute Supreme 4
Sure Sure Hiya Pure 5 S T
Singing Sweet and Melodious Songs 6
Tomar Anan Amar Swapan 7 S T
Your Face Is My Dream 8 S
Manab Jiban Manab Maran 9 S T
Human Life and Human Death 10 S
Kanna Lagi Nidra Jagi Haye Bibhagi 11 S T
Renouncing Everything 12
Nai Je Samoy Kemane Abhoy Kemane 13 T
No Time Left 14
Payer Byatha 15 T
O My Leg Pain 16 S
Bhitar Bahir Mitthya Prachir Nahi Pratiti Manab 17 T
Within and Without 18 S
Bhitare Eshana Shikha 19 S T
Within, Aspiration-Flames 20
Give Me, Give Me Shelter 30 S
Bhebe Bhebe Tomar Katha 31 T
Thinking and Thinking of You 32 S
Urdhe Amai Jete Habe Tushte Tomai Pratikhane 33 T
At Every Moment I Must Go High 34
Param Prabhu Rag Karecho 35 T
My Lord Supreme, How Can I Believe? 36
Param Pitar Tomar Kripar Banya Neme 37 T
Father Supreme, Your Compassion-Flood 38
Bishwa Bidhata Pratiti Nimeshe 39 S T
O Lord of the Universe 40
Bhitare Hiyar Tibra Jatan 41 S T
In My Inner World, I Suffer 42 S
Asha Kusum Hiya Niye 43 S T
With a Hope-Flower-Heart 44 S
Janani Tomar Karuna Charan 45 S T
Mother, Your Compassion-Feet 46 S
Na Kandile Keman Kare Pabo Tomar Hasi 1 S T
If I Do Not Cry 2 S
Balo Balo Prabhu 3 S T
My Lord, Tell Me, Tell Me 4 S
Hriday Kande Jiban Kande 5 S T
My Heart Cries 6 S
Rahi Keno Dibarati Maner Andhare 7 S T
Day and Night Why Do I Live? 8
Phire Jabo Tomar Charane Thai Ami Pabo 9 S T
I Shall Go Back 10 S
Chahina Kandite Chahina Pujite 11 S T
I Do Not Want to Cry 12
Kandi Ami Dibas Rati Tomar Kripa Lagi 13 S T
Day and Night 14
Kakhano Kandi Kakhano Hasi 15 S T
Sometimes I Cry 16
Khama Amai Karo Mago Khama 17 S T
Mother, Forgive Me 18
Pit Pit Mit Mit Sanjher Tara 19 S T
Twinkling, Twinkling Evening Star 20 S
Shunya Hate Tomar Kache Esechilam 21 S T
With Empty Hands 22 S
Jibane Mor Tomar Bijoy Habe 23 S T
Your Victory Will Blossom 24 S
Nutan Asha Jaglo Hiyai Nutan Asha 25 S T
A New Hope 26 S
Neme Eso Priyatama 27 T
Come Down 28
I Am Weak 2 S
No Crying, No Smiling 4 S
Still There Is Time 6 S
Inside the Deep Heart of the Blue Sea 8 S
Hope-Boat, Take Me 10
I Deeply Love 12 S
Restless Vital 14 S
Walking Along the Hope-Road 16 S
Our Guru's Fondness-Daughters 18
Desire-Hunger Ruthlessly Torments 20
I Bow, I Bow to Thee 22 S
To Sing the Songs of Pangs 24 S
My Father Is the World Father 26 S
To Please My Lord I Must Offer Myself 28
Liberated We Shall Be 30 S
I Know Not For Whom I Cry 32 S

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