Tumi Sundara Purushottama


Tumi sundara purushottama
Ami je tomar das
Tomar bijoye amar bijoy
Ananta ullas
Tomare janite asim jatana
Labhechhe e pran jani
Tai ami hai abhiman ban
Tomar bakkhe hani
Bhranti mukta chinta lupta
Nahi kona abhilash
Ogo aparup ami je tomar
Amiya karuna das


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

You are beautiful, O Being Absolute;
I am Your slave.
In Your Victory is my victory,
My endless rapture.
My heart has suffered
     infinite pangs to know You.Therefore, I hurl the arrows of my sulk-venom
     at Your Heart.Freed from errors, thought abolished,
No desire have I now.
O Beauty Transcendental,
I am the slave of Your Nectar-Compassion.

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