99 English songs from the volume of poems “Transcendence-Perfection”, published on 1977-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Eternity’s Vision-Reality-Song 1 S
He Is Really Something 2 S
Who Wants? 3 S
He Asked God Who He Was 4 S
I Can Only Promise 5 S
An Exchange 6 S
He Roams 7 S
A Magnificent Lie 8 S
One Question Remained (1) 9 S
Beauty, Lustre, Oneness 10 S
The Definition of Love 11 S
Her Body and Her Soul 12 S
One Little Drop 13 S
Do You Want? 14 S
Stay with Me 15 S
My Daily Meditations 16 S
The Ancient Man 17 S
Yesterday You Had the Strong Desire 18 S
A Sacred Gift 19 S
No, Never! 20 S
Therefore, God Loves You 21 S
Someday 22 S
No Compromise, No Compromise 23 S
Yet God Loves Me 24 S
Lord, Calm Them 25 S
You Are No Longer Unparalleled 26 S
Who Means Most to You? 27 S
How Can I Be with You Always? 28 S
Why Not? 29 S
O Fountain of Surrender-Light 30 S
Hope Is No More Sweet 31 S
At Long Last (1) 32 S
My Heart’s Sacred Flames 33 S
O My Empty Heart 34 S
Do Not Wait for Earth 35 S
A Day Without Meditation 36 S
Here We Are Again 37 S
The Things I Need 38 S
Do Stay with Me Here 39 S
They Will Help You 40 S
I Shall Wait Until You Call 41 S
Everything Changes 42 S
Each Song Is a Flame 43 S
Where Is Peace? 44 S
He Was Happy Three Times 45 S
A Great Runner 46 S
Immortality 47 S
A Soul-Life of Gratitude 48 S
Sow and Grow 49 S
Lord, Do Teach Me! 50 S
Again and Again 51 S
I Am Dying 52 S
He Promised to Return 53 S
What Does America Have? 54 S
The Children Love Him 55 S
I Love Your Heart-Beauty’s Cry 56 S
I Need God 57 S
My Life’s Song 58 S
An Innocent Tear-Drop 59 S
Everyone Is Good 60 S
God Really Loves You 61 S
God’s Birthday Present 62 S
All I Have to My Name 63 S
Infinitude Must Be Born 64 S
Completing the Game 65 S
Only Two Things 66 S
Look at My God 67 S
Nothing Wrong 68 S
I Shall Not Criticise 69 S
Let Us Go into the Silence-Room 70 S
Side by Side with Me 71 S
No Rivalry 72 S
A Necessity Paramount 73 S
Now Is the Time to Flee 74 S
Lord, Give Me the Strength 75 S
O Heavenly Bodies 76 S
Our Joint Desire 77 S
The Same Old Thoughts 78 S
An Old Disease 79 S
His Is the Soul 80 S
I Am Teaching God 81 S
Sad Music, Glad Music 82 S
My Last Resort 83 S
He Has Forgotten 84 S
My Birthday Song 85 S
Die Not, Live Not 86 S
Father, You Decide 87 S
Accept My Last Offering 88 S
I Feel Miserable 89 S
Inside the Heart-Garden of God 90 S
Lustre and Ecstasy 91 S
God-Language 92 S
The Ear of the World 93 S
Where Is God’s Smile? (1) 94 S
Only One Story Is New 95 S
Every Tear 96 S
Tune Me for Life 97 S
The Kind of Person I Am 98 S
Reject Me Not 99 S

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