Tomar Ashish Mala Amai Karbe Ala

Composed on Dec. 31st, 1974


Tomar ashish mala amai karbe ala
  Amar jatra path
  Bijay manorath
Sindhu prane bindu asha
  Na hoi jani britha
Tumi amar ankhir tara
  Dukhi praner mita
Tumi amar abhay barabhay
Tumi amar hiyar parichay


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Your blessing-garland is my journey’s road
And victory’s fulfilling satisfaction.
This hope of a tiny drop
In the heart of the mighty ocean
Will not be in vain.
You are the Light of my eye
And the Friend of my sorrowful heart.
I am Your Blessing-Compassion.
You are the identification of my heart.

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