Tomar Asar Samoy Kabe Habe

Composed on Apr. 11th, 1976


Tomar asar samoy kabe habe
Andhar ghare pradip shikha
Jwaliye dibe kabe
Ebar amar prachur samoy ache
Apan bale keu je nai kache
Sabai geche amai pathe phele
Tumio ki amai bhule gele


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

When will the time of Your coming arrive?
When will You kindle the flame of
Aspiration in my darkness-heart?
Much time have I at my disposal now.
Alas, no one close to my heart
Is beside me.
Everybody has left me
On the way to the Golden Shore.
O Lord Supreme, will You also
Do the same?

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