The Golden Shore Will Beckon You

95 English songs from 7/16/95, published on 1997-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
No Truth Too Small 1 S
No Bliss Too Little 2 S
Earth Is God’s Battlefield 3 S
I Need the Thought That Loves God 4 S
When God Invented His Dream-Moon 5 S
The Dreamer from the East 6 S
The Dreamer from the West 7 S
The Dreamer from Heaven 8 S
The Dreamer from Earth 9 S
For Whom Do I Cry? 10 S
Your Dreams 11 S
Do Not Delay! 12 S
Upheavals Will Test You 13 S
The Golden Shore 14 S
The Golden Boatman 15 S
Only When You Surrender 16 S
Sanctitude and Multitude 17 S
Insecurity Is a Slow Death 18 S
Who Am I? A Rich Lover of God 19 S
O Bird of Perfection 20 S
My God Declares 21 S
O Lord of Love 22 S
Some Call It Evolution 23 S
Silence, Silence, My Lord Is Coming 24 S
Sound, Sound 25 S
The Dance of the Sea 26 S
The Dance of the Sky 27 S
I Stand on the Balcony of Peace 28 S
Your Jealousy-Tree 29 S
Your Thunder-Pride 30 S
Your Doubt-Sky 31 S
Rainbow-Songs of Evening 32 S
Star-Songs of Night 33 S
In the Morning, Short Is My Road 34 S
In the Evening, Endless Is My Road 35 S
When You Doubt 36 S
O, Give Me the Body That Serves 37 S
O, Give Me the Vital That Spreads 38 S
O, Give Me the Mind That Builds 39 S
O, Give Me the Heart That Sings 40 S
Love Shelters My Heart 41 S
Clarity Shelters My Mind 42 S
Joy Shelters My Vital 43 S
Purity Shelters My Body 44 S
I Appreciate Prayers Without Words 45 S
I Admire Meditations Without Thoughts 46 S
I Adore Realisation Without Sound 47 S
I Love Perfection Without Expectation 48 S
Earth Has Shown You Earth’s Patience 49 S
Heaven Has Shown You 50 S
Do You Love Man? 51 S
Do You Love God? 52 S
Do You Love Yourself? 53 S
Only One Need 54 S
Only One Deed 55 S
A Human Life Neglected 56 S A
Secret Sorrow Is Sacred 57 S
Heart, Do Not Worry 58 S
God, Do Not Worry 59 S
Lord, I Have Come to You as a Son 60 S
Lord, I Have Come to You as a Friend 61 S
Lord, I Have Come to You as Another Lord 62 S
Every Day the Human in Me 63 S
Every Day the Divine in Me 64 S
Use It or Lose It 65 S
Build It or Break It 66 S
Love It or Hate It 67 S
God Has No Hands of His Own 68 S
We Have No Eye of Our Own 69 S
My Hidden Failure 70 S
My Hidden Success 71 S
At God’s Heart-Door 72 S
The Buddha’s Message 73 S
My Message: Heart-Expansion 74 S
Never Overestimate 75 S
Never Underestimate 76 S
Hope Shows the Way 77 S
Promise Shortens the Way 78 S
Aspiration Reaches the Destination 79 S
To Fulfil Your Eternity’s Dream 80 S
What I Have Is a Daring Mind 81 S
What I Am 82 S
You Do Not Have to Explain 83 S
My Aspiration-Heart, Cry, Cry 84 S
My Dedication-Life 85 S
Readiness Runs 86 S
To Lose Material Things 87 S
To Lose Spiritual Things 88 S
My Prayers Know How 89 S
My Meditations Know How 90 S
An Unconditional God-Lover 91 S A
Unlike Us 92 S
Shatter Your Mind’s Insecurity-Cave 93 S
Come Out, Come Out 94 S

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