The Golden Shore

95 English songs from 7/16/95, published on 1997-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
No Truth Too Small 1 S
No Bliss Too Little 2 S
Earth Is God’s Battlefield 3 S
I Need the Thought That Loves God 4 S
When God Invented His Dream-Moon 5 S
The Dreamer from the East 6 S
The Dreamer from the West 7 S
The Dreamer from Heaven 8 S
The Dreamer from Earth 9 S
For Whom Do I Cry? 10 S
Your Dreams 11 S
Do Not Delay! 12 S
Upheavals Will Test You 13 S
The Golden Shore 14 S
The Golden Boatman 15 S
Only When You Surrender 16 S
Sanctitude and Multitude 17 S
Insecurity Is a Slow Death 18 S
Who Am I? A Rich Lover of God 19 S
O Bird of Perfection 20 S
My God Declares 21 S
O Lord of Love 22 S
At God’s Heart-Door 72 S
The Buddha’s Message 73
My Message: Heart-Expansion 74
Never Overestimate 75
Never Underestimate 76 S
Hope Shows the Way 77 S
Promise Shortens the Way 78 S
Aspiration Reaches the Destination 79 S
To Fulfil Your Eternity’s Dream 80 S
What I Have Is a Daring Mind 81
What I Am 82 S
You Do Not Have to Explain 83 S
My Aspiration-Heart, Cry, Cry 84
My Dedication-Life 85
Readiness Runs 86
To Lose Material Things 87 S
To Lose Spiritual Things 88
My Prayers Know How 89
My Meditations Know How 90 S
An Unconditional God-Lover 91 S A
Unlike Us 92
Shatter Your Mind’s Insecurity-Cave 93
Come Out, Come Out 94
Some Call It Evolution 23 S
Silence, Silence, My Lord Is Coming 24 S
Sound, Sound 25 S
The Dance of the Sea 26 S
The Dance of the Sky 27 S
I Stand on the Balcony of Peace 28 S
Your Jealousy-Tree 29 S
Your Thunder-Pride 30 S
Your Doubt-Sky 31 S
Rainbow-Songs of Evening 32 S
Star-Songs of Night 33 S
In the Morning, Short Is My Road 34
In the Evening, Endless Is My Road 35
When You Doubt 36 S
Oh, Give Me the Body That Serves 37
Oh, Give Me the Vital That Spreads 38
Oh, Give Me the Mind That Builds 39
Oh, Give Me the Heart That Sings 40 S
Love Shelters My Heart 41 S
Clarity Shelters My Mind 42 S
Joy Shelters My Vital 43 S
Purity Shelters My Body 44 S
I Appreciate Prayers Without Words 45 S
I Admire Meditations Without Thoughts 46
I Adore Realisation Without Sound 47 S
I Love Perfection Without Expectation 48
Earth Has Shown You Earth’s Patience 49 S
Heaven Has Shown You 50 S
Do You Love Man? 51 S
Do You Love God? 52 S
Do You Love Yourself? 53 S
Only One Need 54 S
Only One Deed 55 S
A Human Life Neglected 56 S A
Secret Sorrow Is Sacred 57 S
Heart, Do Not Worry 58 S
God, Do Not Worry 59
Lord, I Have Come to You as a Son 60 S
Lord, I Have Come to You as a Friend 61 S
Lord, I Have Come to You as Another Lord 62 S
Every Day the Human in Me 63 S
Every Day the Divine in Me 64
Use It or Lose It 65 S
Build It or Break It 66 S
Love It or Hate It 67
God Has No Hands of His Own 68
We Have No Eye of Our Own 69
My Hidden Failure 70 S
My Hidden Success 71 S

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