The God of the Mind

58 English songs, published on 1991-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
The God of the Mind 1 S
The Love of the Mind 2 S
A Real God-Lover 3 S
Each Breathing Moment 4 S
Divine Feelings 5 S
In Your Inner Life, Never Be Sparing 6 S
I Am Determined 7 S
Each Aspiration-Flame 8 S
Patience Is 9 S
Forgiveness Means Transformation 10 S
A New Flower-Fragrance-Prayer 11 S
Today I Am Not Alone 12 S
Uniqueness I See in Others 13 S
Doubt Openly Blows Out 14 S
God’s Inner Message to Me 15 S
Do Not Blame the World (1) 16 S
The Unloved Ones 17 S
Make Healthy Choices 18 S
God’s Protection Appears Unseen 19 S
Surprise God 20 S
Receptivity-Inability 21 S
Perfect Happiness 22 S
The Landlord of My Heart-House 23 S
How Long? 24 S
A True Peace-Lover 25 S
A Purity-Heart 26 S
I Have Two Teachers 27 S
Humanity’s Real and Only Poverty 28 S
Every Morning and Every Evening God Gives Me 29 S
Is There Any Human Being? 30 S
Now, this Very Moment 31 S
My Lord, My Lord, I Beg of You 32 S
If You Allow Your Mind to Be Paralysed 33 S
Self-Giving Means 34 S
Who Is the Real Loser? 35 S
Oneness-Bravery 36 S
My Eyes Weep Tears 37 S
God Is Desperately Looking for You 38 S
It Is Impossible to Believe 39 S
The Flickering of Optimism-Lamp 40 S
There Are Only Three Roads 41 S
A Gratitude-Heart Can Smilingly Illumine 42 S
Who Serves the Server? 43 S
God’s Compassion-Eye Cries and Cries 44 S
Unconditionally You Love God 45 S
A God-Seeker 46 S
Your Sterling Faith in God 47 S
The Mind Cannot Speak to God 48 S
My Morning Aspiration 49 S
The Heart-Fitness Test 50 S
First, Be an Illumined Individual 51 S
Love God Sleeplessly 52 S
God Is Supremely Proud of You 53 S
The Number of Our Beloved Supreme 54 S
What I Call a Pure Thought 55 S
A Pain-Flooded Future 56 S
On Principle 57 S
My Ignorance-Bills 58 S

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