The Goal Is Won

48 English songs, published on 1994-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Lord, I Am Tired 1 S
Who Was I? 2 S
My Heaven-Stars Tell Me 3 S
I Lived to Fly Desire-Kite 4 S
Be Sure to Take Care of Yourself 5 S
My Mind’s Nothingness I Face 6 S
I See God 7 S
Only Three Things I Love 8 S
What I Say Is for God to Judge 9 S
Intruding Thoughts, Stop 10 S
My God Is a Tempting God 11 S
Enough Is Enough! 12 S
Doubt-Road 13 S
Man, Pray for Me 14 S
Tell Me, Tell Me, God 15 S
Is God Lonely? 16 S
When God Gave Me the Body 17 S
Morning Is the Time 18 S
When My Morning Ascends 19 S
A Song Without Words 20 S
When My Mouth Is My Interpreter 21 S
Someone Is Knocking, Perhaps God 22 S
Mister Guru 23 S
Your Love Will Multiply Itself 24 S
Are You Not Amazed? 25 S
Fight Your Only Opponent 26 S
Jealousy Burns You 27 S
Lack of Money 28 S
They Have Lost Power 29 S
The Disciple Who Has a Master 30 S
What Dies? 31 S
God, Do You Really Care for Me? 32 S
Let Me See 33 S
God, I Blame You 34 S
Who Will Read My Books? 35 S
For Three Reasons God Loves Me 36 S
I Do Not Fly with Fear 37 S
I Had Only Two Selves 38 S
My God Is My Evolving Beauty 39 S
I Selected My Soul 40 S
I Live in an Orphan World 41 S
God Does Not Try to Please Man 42 S
Only the Other Day 43 S
Forward to the Shore 44 S
In Vain I Am Searching 45 S
Head Down, Feet Up 46 S
God-Humility Descends from Heaven 47 S
Yesterday I Challenged God 48 S

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