Tamasi Nishai Ankhi Dube Jai (1)

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Tamasi nishai ankhi dube jai
Chapal praner kato bedanai
    Ar nai asha bani
    Britha manaber akuti bhakati
    Chira jagrata jage abanati
Alik swapan muktir abhilash
    Ananda uchcchash
Phire chai pran phire chai arbar
Timir dainya jatanar manihar


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

My eyes sink in darkness-night.
My restless life suffers excruciating pangs.
There is no more hope-message.
It is all in vain
That human beings cry.
It is all in vain
That human devotion tries
    To reach some height.
Failure is reigning supreme.
Again and again, I wish to become
The flood of delight.
How I wish to receive once more the sea of delight,
To put an end to my heart’s excruciating pangs.

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