Swarup Janite Esechhi E Bhabe

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Swarup janite esechhi e bhabe
    Na janile nija rup
Hatashai bhara bhagna parane
    Rahibo satata chup
Durbal prane nahi raje kabhu
    Ananda bichi mala
Dekha dao more ogo aparup
    Hriday kariya ala


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I have come into the world
To discover my self-form.
If I do not discover my self-form,
I shall remain in silence with frustration-night.
In a weak heart the waves of delight
    Can never abide.
I am, alas, that weak heart.
O Beauty Transcendental, do illumine my heart
   And appear before me.

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