Swapne Hasi Swapne Kandi

Composed on Aug. 26th, 1975


Swapne hasi swapne kandi swapne kari khela
Swapne shudhu basiye diy jiban nade bhela
Swapna sheshe shudhui smriti
Byartha asha kalpana
Phire jabar byastata ar
Maya tyager jalpana


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

In my dream-life, I smile and cry.
In my dream-life, I sail my effulgence boat.
Alas, when my sweet dream-life
   Goes back to sleep,My earth-life of frustration
   Immediately captures me.
In vain, I am trying and crying to free myself,
My earth-life-attachments, from illusion.

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