Swapane Parash Diye Jao Priya

Composed on Aug. 27th, 1974


Swapane parash diye jao priya
Jagile lukao dure
Anmana haye ghuribar kale
Heri toma giri chure
Jadi daki toma kache eso priya
Hese jao dure chale
Tripti ki tumi pao priyatama
Niyata amare chhale


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

You touch me softly and compassionately,
O Beloved of my dream.
The moment I awake, I see You hiding
Far, very far, from my vision light.
When I roam on the peak of the mountain,
You I see lost in self-life.
When I call You to come near me,
Smiling You run away.
O my Beloved Supreme, by deceiving me always
Do You really get joy?

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