Swalpe Tushti Bale Bhai Brihater Khudha

Composed on Dec. 31st, 1974


Swalpe tushti bale bhai brihater khudha
Amar bipani hate jei kona sudha
Baran kariya laho ghuriona ar
Dubibe jiban surjya namibe andhar
Sarba grasi khudha bale swalpa kare pan
Mitibena trisha mor ogo matiman
Bishwer khanik sukh ati tuchchha jani
Amar mitabe sadh baikunter rani


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Little satisfaction says to big hunger,
Brother, accept from my little shop
The little nectar that I have.
Do not roam any more.
One day your life-sun will die,
Darkness will descend.
The all-devouring hunger says,
Brother, I shall never be satisfied with little.
The little satisfaction of this world is most
Only the Queen of Heaven can satisfy
My vast hunger.

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