Sukhabhumi Sukhabhumi

Composed on Dec. 25th, 1987


Sukhabhumi sukhabhumi
Taba puta pada chumi
Akatare anukhan
Sukh kara bitaran
Ananda rasi rasi
Priti bhara mukhe hasi
Sukhabhumi sukhabhumi
Dhanya tumi dhanya tumi


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

[Composed by Sri Chinmoy during a
visit to Indonesia. The translation is
by Rintu Chakrabarty]
O happiness-land, happiness-land,
I kiss thy purity-feet.
Unreservedly and constantly
You distribute happiness.
In bountiful delight
Is your affection-fulness-smile.
O happiness-land, happiness-land,
Blessed thou art, blessed thou art!
*Unofficial translation by Rintu

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