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 +title=Sri Chinmoy Songs
 +&​abstract = AGDsgfsg
 +<img src="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=ckg-cello.png"​ class="​cello"​ alt="">​
 +<div class="​home_text">​Sri Chinmoy composed over 23,000 songs which, in their lyrics and in their melodies, explore the length and breadth of the aspiring human experience. ​
 +<p>So far, there are 20563 songs (9763 with scores) on the site.</​p></​div>​
 +<WRAP round 270px box>
 +<a class="​button"​ href="/​allsongs">​View all songs »</​a>​
 +<a class="​front-books-link"​ href="/​books">​Browse Songbooks »</​a>​