Song-Flowers, Part 7

50 English songs, published on 1991-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Heart’s Sacred Song-Flames 1 S
Victory over the Mind 2 S
God-Dreamer, My Soul 3 S
I Need Perfection-Shore 4 S
I Thank You, My Lord Supreme 5 S
Expectation-Deception 6 S
My Breath of Infinity 7 S
I Am Truly Ashamed 8 S
My Life’s Transformation-Boat 9 S
Attachment, You Are So Undivine 10 S
Doubt-Thief 11 S
I Am in Between 12 S
Prayer Is the Beauty of God in Me (1) 13 S
Can You Not? (2) 14 S
A Constant Gratitude-Heart (1) 15 S
A Seeker’s Humility-Heart (3) 16 S
Allow Me, O Lord 17 S
My Heart Is a Born God-Seeker 18 S
Be Not Your Master’s Sorrowful Sigh 19 S
My Heart’s Expectation 20 S
On My Way to God 21 S
I Really Know Not Why 22 S
I Keep Asking God Only Two Things 23 S
Enthusiasm, I Need Your Eager Heart 24 S
Count God’s Blessing-Days 25 S
Will I Go High Before I Die? 26 S
Why Do I? 27 S
Mine Is the Aspiration-Sky 28 S
Prayer Is the Beauty of God in Me (2) 29 S
I Pray to God for Protection 30 S
I Pray When My Heart Is Thirsty 31 S
I Pray to God to Receive His Power 32 S
Each Time I Pray 33 S
With My Prayer-Cry 34 S
When I Pray, I See God Looking at Me 35 S
When I Pray, I Belong Only to this World 36 S
My Meditations and My Soul-Smiles 37 S
No Difference 38 S
I Pray When I Am Helpless 39 S
My Everest Heaven-Rest 40 S
You Fool 41 S
I Am a Morning Rose 42 S
No Inner Noise, No Outer Noise 43 S
Doubt and Fear 44 S
Alas, My Soul Wants to Live Alone 45 S
My Heart Needs My Lord’s Dream-Boat 46 S
My Heart’s Blossoming Faith 47 S
O My Mind, Ride Not My Wild Vital-Chariot 48 S
Beyond the Reach of Peace-Lovers 49 S
When Shall I End My War? 50 S

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