Silence Speaks Songbook

44 English songs, published on 1993-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Came to You, My Lord Supreme 1 S
Never Say No 2 S
When Your Mind’s Doubt-Thorns Knock 3 S
I Read My Eyes and Not My Palm 4 S
Receptivity Soulfully Receives 5 S
I Shall Fulfil 6 S
My Insecurity-Thief 7 S
God’s Fondness-Heart 8 S
My Little, Brittle Heart 9 S
My Sleeping Body 10 S
If You Can Rekindle Your Aspiration-Flame 11 S
The Remains of Stark Frustration 12 S
Faith: Use It to Fly 13 S
O My Aspiration-Heart of Beauty 14 S
My Sleepless, God-Hungry Heart 15 S
O Marvel-Producing Fulness-Faith-Mind 16 S
I Love Your Eye 17 S
Only a Heart of Gratitude 18 S
O, Try to Be God’s Surrender-Toy 19 S
Your Thread of Aspiration 20 S
You Are Your Life’s Lip-Deep Sincerity 21 S
Read Not the Calendar 22 S
The Great News 23 S
You Will Lose Track 24 S
Your Heart’s Possibility-Room 25 S
During Your Great Heavenward Trip 26 S
God Has Written His Perfection-Book 27 S
The Concentration That Defies Description 28 S
Trust Not the Cobweb-Mind of Confusion 29 S
Touch God’s Heaven-Feet 30 S
Progress, Progess 31 S
Ambition 32 S
My Present Friendship 33 S
To Fill My Life’s Long Progress-Hall 34 S
You Want to Know, My Friend 35 S
O My Doubting Mind, O My Suspecting Mind 36 S
O World of Ingratitude 37 S
I Shall Favour My Lord 38 S
Aspiration, Aspiration 39 S
My Lord, Tell Me Your Absolute Secret 40 S
Never to Try Will Make You Fail 41 S
O, Make My Weak Heart Strong 42 S
My Lord Gives Me 43 S
Heaven and Earth 44 S

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