Silence, Please

105 English songs from July 1995, published on 1999-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
God, I Am Rejecting Man 1
God and I Support Each Other 2 S
Tolerance Is Your Choice 3 S
Father, Do Organise My Shapeless World 4 S
My American Friend 5
Don’t Go to Extremes 6 S
Patience I Need 7
Faith, My Faith 8
You Belong to Earth 9 S
I Am Happy Because 10
When I Was Aloof 11
It Amazes Me 12 S
Heaven-Dreamer I Was 13 S
A Corrupted Mind 14 S A
Easy to Lead! 15 S
To Lose Everything 16
Simplicity-Boat I Have 17 S
His Infant Dream 18
Let Me Tell You the Difference 19
He Loved His Flatterers 20
My Body Dances When I Do 21
Aspiration-Tree 22 S A
Tear-Drops I Have Discovered 23
One of My New Hobbies 24
I Love God Because I Need Him 25
It Is Never Too Late to Aspire 26
My Sight Tells Me 27
To See the Face of God 28 S
Indian Devotion 29 S
Climb Up with Me 30
Silence, Please 31
Mother Mary’s Feet 32
None to Equal His Zeal 33
Silence Is Not Silent 34
I Hate My Dream-Life 35 S
Beauty Glows 36 S
Lord, I Marvel at Your Compassion-Shower 37
Ascend, Ascend! 38 S A
No Disciple 39
Pray to God 40
With Speed Faster Than a Thought 41 S
Spend Some Time in Feeling 42
I Am on God’s Side 43 S
My Earth-Life 44
I Look at God 45
Sad News Travels Fast 46 S
Sweet Dreams 47
Believe It or Not, I Have Seen God 48 S
My Animal Life 49
Silence, What Is It? 50 S
Faith Is Strong 51 S
What Kind of Master Are You? 52 S
What Are You Doing, Master? 53 S
Necessity Taught Me 54
I Fix My Soulful Eyes 55
God’s Heart I Desire 56
A Desiring Mind 57 S A
Death 58 S
When I Am My Receptivity-Heart 59 S
Purity Cares 60
Sound, Do Not Touch Me 61
The Mind Enjoys Conspiracy 62
I Want to Know Where God Is 63 S
God-Reliance 64 S
Impatience-Tiger-Mind 65 S
God Is God’s Compassion-Drill 66
Hope-Flames 67 S
My Soul, If You Do Not Teach Me 68
There Is No Fixed Hour 69 S
Each Mind 70
Fear Dies 71
At Last I Now Have Peace of Mind 72 S A
Desire-Thorn 73
A Heart of Peace Hears (1) 74 S A
When God Comes to Me 75
Long Is the Love-List of God 76 S
The Mind Blames the World 77 S
The Mind Complains 78 S
Prayer Expects 79 S
My Mind Wants to Challenge 80 S
My Mind Is a World-Storyteller 81
Greed Is My Mind-Thirst 82
God’s Only Enemy 83 S
God’s Only Lord (2) 84
God and Indifference (2) 85
God Has Taught Me How to Swim (1) 86
An Unwilling Mind 87 S A
My Soul Is Homesick 88
Every Day God’s Compassion-Eye 89
A Restless Monkey-Mind 90 S A
Today’s Ego-Emperor-Smiles 91 S
God Will Never Stop 92
A Big Zero-Mind 93 S A
Love God the Silence Within 94
God Is Always Hungry 95 S
No Such Thing 96
Impossibility Always Bows (1) 97
The Heart-Doorman 98
Anything Divine 99 S A
May I Not Lose Your Private Phone Number 100
May I Not Be a Fool (1) 101
I Went to God for Consolation 102
I Love God, But I Love Infinitely More 103 S
God-Seekers, Awake! 104 S
The Great Dream Is Love 105

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