Silence Calls Me

22 English songs about peace, published on 1993-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Truth Is in All (2) 1 S
To Serve and Never Be Tired 2 S
Be Happy 3 S
I Acquire Peace (2) 4 S
Each Human Being 5 S
Nature’s Beauty 6 S
The More We See the Divine Qualities 7 S
It Is Only Through Inner Peace (2) 8 S
Peace Begins When Expectation Ends (1) 9 S
No Thirst for Gain 10 S
Peace Does Not Mean Seclusion 11 S
As There Can Be No War 12 S
Man Invents War from Without 13 S
I Do Not Give Up 14 S
Every Day You Should Try to Set 15 S
Poor Is He 16 S
Peace Is God’s Constant Race 17 S
Peace We Can Get 18 S
A Moment’s Peace 19 S
The Fulness of Life 20 S
Claim Not Recognition 21 S
Silence Calls Me 22 S

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