Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Race Songs

51 English songs, published on 2007-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord Supreme's Golden Heart-Gate 1
Longest Self-Giving Journey 1
Time Knows How to Fly 2
I Sing for God Soulfully 3
Every Morning My Heart’s Aspiration-Flame 5
God Came to Me, I Was Sleeping 6
Your Ambrosial Voice 7
I Am Very Close to God 8
Give Not What You Have 9
I Cry and Cry and Cry 10
All Your Grace 11
I Love My Lord 12
Sleepless Selflessness 13
Every Day I Shorten 14
Be Eager 15
We Start with Self-Giving 16
My Lord Tells Me, “Go Ahead, My Child” 17
Strive for a Fire-Pure Change 18
Life Is Transitory 19
I Need a Heart of Delight 20
Every Morning I Sing 21
Think Not of What You Are 22
A Heart of Twinkling Beauty 23
My Lord Is Mine 24
No More Am I a Fool 25
My Lord, No Matter How Far 26
O, When I Sing 27
No More Division-Ignorance-Roar 28
A Heart of Beauty 29
Infinity’s Peace 30
Dream, Dream 31
Every Day, Without Fail, I Pray to God 32
A Heart of Purity Never Dies 33
The Rising Sun 34
Enthusiasm-Awakeners 35
Be Not Afraid, Be Not Afraid 36
At My Supreme Lord’s Golden Shore 37
To Be Very Close to God 38
A Very Significant Dream 39
How Can I Reach My Goal? 40
World-Harmony-Run 41
Never, Never Shall I Allow 42
I Must Go Far Beyond 43
The Sunrise 44
My Lord, Do Give Me Two Wings 45
I Love My Heart-Cottage-Nest 46
O Aspiration-Heart-Speed 47
I Sail and Sail My Blue-Gold-Heart-Boat 48
The God-Loving, Self-Giving Breath 49
Every Action of God 50
The Joy of Journey’s Start 51

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