Sedin Ki Kabhu Habe

Composed on Apr. 19th, 1976


Sedin ki kabhu habe
Sakaler mane habe mor man
Sakaler laje habe apaman
Amar amir habe bilupti
Mor abachetanar bhangbe supti
Asi nai shudhu amar lagiya
Subishal ei bhabe


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Will that day ever dawn
When I shall feel honour in others’ honour,I shall be proud in others’ glorious achievements?Will that day ever dawn
When I shall cast a sorrowful glance
And be doomed to abysmal humiliation
And my ignorance-‘i’ will unreservedly be    destroyed by inconscience-life,
My inconscience-‘i’ will come out of inconscience-sea?Will that day ever dawn when I shall feel
That in this vast world
I am not only for my little existence
But for all, born and yet unborn?

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