Run and Become, Become and Run

Run And Become, Become And Run, published on 1982-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Marathon 1 S
O Marathon Runner 2 S
Run and Become 3 S
Run (2) 4 S
Run (1) 5 S
Twenty-Six Miles 6 S
I Am Running a Marathon 7 S
O, Grant Me the Fastest Speed 8 S
One Hundred Miles 9 S
I Am Running Around the Clock 10 S
O Great Champion 11 S
Coamo Race 12 S
Emil Zatopek 13 S
Zatopek, Mount Everest Czech! 14 S
O Grand Marshall of All Time 15 S
Children Play for Joy 17 S
If One Can Stick to the Training 18 S
I Shall Learn to Have a Better Style 19 S
It Was My First Competition 20 S
Great Is the Victory 21 S
There Is a Great Advantage 22 S
You Must Be Fast Enough 23 S
Winning 24 S
He Ran as if Tortured 25 S
A Scorpion in Each Shoe 26 S
He Runs 27 S
He Looked As If 28 S
Jesse Owens 29 S
I Have Found God 30 S
I Never Tried to Cheat Anyone in My Life 31 S
Two Unmatchable Teammates 32 S
The Human Struggle 33 S
Ted Corbitt 36 S
Stan Cottrell 37 S
Toshiko D'Elia 38 S
Gayelene de Castella 39 S
Tom Fleming 41 S
Gary Fanelli 42 S
Terry Fox 43 S
Saumitra Werner Haubrich 44 S
Jay Helgerson 45 S
Speed Is a Skill 47 S
London-to-Brighton Runners’ Race 48 S
Nina Kuscsik 49 S
The New York Road Runners Club 50 S
Don Ritchie 52 S
My Record Will Go 54 S
I Don’t Know of a More Exciting Athlete 55 S
You Cannot Go Out Fast 57 S
Marcy Schwam 58 S
Craig Virgin 59 S
I Respond to Pressure 60 S
Cahit, Cahit 61 S

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