Raj Pathe Pathe Kato Ghurilam

Composed on Apr. 19th, 1976


Raj pathe pathe kato ghurilam
Harainu tata jato labhilam
He mor nayan bikashini
Milila shudha mithilana khudha
Ogo santap nashini
Aji phirilam dhulai malin
Hasi nai mukhe hayechhi srihin
Basibe ki ei jiban anke
Ogo pankajabasini


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Far have I walked along the highway.
The more I have lost the outer world,
The more I have gained the inner world.
O Queen of my life-illumining vision,
I have discovered nectar-delight,
Yet my hunger remains the same.
O my heart’s consolation-queen,O remover of my life’s excruciating pangs,Today I am returning home in a beggar’s garb
With an unclean body and an unlit mind.
The smiling world has left me.
Utterly empty of beauty my life has now grown.
O Goddess Lakshmi, Queen and Mother of my heart,
Do grant me one solitary boon:
Place Yourself once and for all
Inside the crying pages of my life’s sorrowful    and closing chapter.

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